‘Zinah – Satisfied’ is out now across all digital platforms

Local pop star Zinah releases her brand new single ‘Satisfied’ and it’s the perfect track to end the month of love on.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Satisfied’ HERE.

Jo’burg based Zinah returned to the studio with one of SA’s top young producers, Tjaart van der Walt, following the success of her previous single ‘Ever Been’ – also produced and co-written by van der Walt. The two have a dynamic energy when working together and continuing this was a no brainer. So was picking the next single.

Zinah has had ‘Satisfied’ in her back pocket for a while and the sexy single celebrates a beautiful call to love as it gives ode to those with the big hearts. Zinah explains, saying “After releasing ‘Ever Been’, I knew exactly which song to release next. It was a no brainer. I wrote satisfied in 2018, and it’s written from two perspectives, but it’s one sided like most relationships today. In this song, it’s about me. Me being enough for someone so much so that they have to ask themselves if they are good enough for me.”

Adding a personal touch to the message, Zinah looks at herself as the inspiration for the song but also recognizes the same quality in so many others. “’Satisfied’ is a song for the big-hearted people. The ones who always fight for love even when it isn’t fighting for them. This song is for the people who are always the ones checking in on others, and making sure everyone else around them is happy and forgetting about their own happiness. ‘Satisfied’ is for the broken hearted, those who believe that one day someone will be waiting on the other side asking them if what they’ve been given is enough. Because at the end of the day all we want to be is enough for the people we love.  We want to be seen, we want to know that no matter how much life may get in the way, that we’ll always be satisfied with what we have in our relationships and in our lives,” and though the month of love comes to an end, never should the belief in love itself.

Zinah has found success not only as a singer but expands her passion and love for the entertainment industry by hosting her own radio show called The Zinah Breakfast Special, which airs every Saturday from 8am till 11am on Radio Today 1485am.

She still has a love for the theatre where her roots will always be firmly connected and most recently she was the host for the ‘Born To Perform 2019 Shine’ live concert at Montecasino.

Zinah is incredibly talented singer and songwriter, and her passion for music shines through in everything she delivers. ‘Satisfied’ is arguably the best single released to date from Zinah and it’s evident that there’s so much more greatness to come from this fiery young lady.

“Zinah – Satisfied” Single Out Now

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