Counsel Of One is a project I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of, the project is the mastermind of Pete Moore, who is also from the band Ensonder

Counsel Of One have just released a new track called “Shine your light” and although the track is really awesome, there is also another reason why “Shine Your Light” is special. Pete Moore has said that all proceeds made from the track and all other releases from the project will be donated to the  National Autistic Society which is an awesome cause

Counsel Of One also has another track called “My Desolation” 

Pete Moore says  “After my son was diagnosed with autism, I felt it was time to step up and do something positive through music. For better or worse, and that is how Counsel of one was born. It took a long time to come to terms with his diagnosis as a family, but we are getting there so being more public about his condition is a lot easier now. And much more helpful in raising awareness”

Fanbase Music Magazine thinks this is a great concept and cause and we would love all our readers to check out  Counsel of one and support the cause.

You can download/stream “Shine Your Light” by going to the following sites


Itunes / Apple Music

Amazon MP3 

Like Counsel Of One Facebook page HERE 

You can also request Counsel Of One’s music on  SME Fusion Radio 




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