‘Luyolo – My Love For You’ single is out now across all digital platforms
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Idols SA Season 15 winner, Luyolo ends the month of love with a beautiful ballad as he shares his brand new single ‘My Love For You’ – out now across all digital platforms.

Listen to ‘My Love For You’ HERE.


Hailing from the Eastern Cape, 25-year-old Luyolo Yiba was crowned the Idols SA Season 15 winner in a glittering awards ceremony hosted at Carnival City on Sunday 17th November 2019 and televised live to millions of Mzansi Magic viewers. This particular season of Idols SA saw the biggest volume of votes being cast, 186 million to be precise, over the duration of the competition, and trended in the number one position on social media every Sunday.

Delivering his first single for 2020 – the follow-up to his debut and Idols SA winning single ‘Sunshine Through The Rain’ – Luyolo shares a heart-warming ballad with ‘My Love For You’ that captures the essence of love in his raw emotional vocal delivery and along with a laidback tempo, is perfectly accompanied by a minimalistic arrangement that let’s Luyolo’s voice shine in this powerful release.

Celebrating the true beauty of love, Luyolo drew inspiration from the love he grew to experience from his parents. The love they have for each other, as well as the love he has experienced and given throughout his lifetime.

“My love for you is a song about loving a person dearly. Literally loving a person to a point where you feel like there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. This could be your partner, friend or even your children,” explains Luyolo.

Luyolo stepped into studio with a power team, recording the single with Kurt Herman, Tia Herman and Luwellyn George – all incredible artists in their own right.

“This song has been in my head for years. Patiently waiting for someone who would be able to take it out of my head so that it could be put perfectly into people’s ears. I couldn’t have asked to work with a better team than the one I worked with when crafting and shaping the song. Shout out to Mr Kurt, Miss T and Lu for helping me deliver the song perfectly the way I wanted it to be delivered,” and Luyolo is incredibly grateful to have worked with this team on what is a very special song to him.

He continues saying, “The production of the song comes exactly from the idea of what I wanted it to sound like. Smooth, soft and gentle. With a serenading touch. The way I believe some of the best love songs were made. They took what was in my head and brought it to life. Shout out to my label, Gallo Record Company for helping me get it to the ears of the masses.”

Luyolo has love for his family, his friends and those he works with in the industry, and he has much love for his fans. To his fans he says, “I am so excited and can’t wait to see the reaction everyone has to my work, my craft. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you get to understand that spreading love is one of the things that is very important in life.”

‘Luyolo – My Love For You’ is out now across all digital platforms

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