It is with a sad heart that many staunch South African Country Music fans had to hear that the much-loved and revered South African country singer Lance James has reportedly died at the age of 81.The news was posted on publicist Lydia Winchester’s Facebook page.According to the statement, Lance died on Monday 2 March 2020. The singer had reportedly been admitted to hospital eight weeks ago after experiencing heart problems. The music veteran’s health deteriorated after he fell while in hospital and broke his hip – his condition had continued to worsen after emergency hip replacement surgery.A tribute country concert had been hosted in July 2014 to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the country singer, according to James’ marketing agent Lydia Winchester.

“Lance James, who is also known as Big Daddy in the industry, has been singing in the country genre for the past 50 years,” said Winchester at the event.


James had been hugely surprised when he was presented with a life-size bust of himself with his trademark cowboy stetson hat on.

Two well-known singers of the time and close friends of his, Jody Wayne and Clive Bruce, paid tribute to Lance and joined the singer in performing a song with him.

The statement has asked for privacy on behalf of the family.

Fanbase Music Magazine sends condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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