Loui Lvndn’s latest music video ‘Fire Is The New Black’ marries a royal African drum to an alternative rock progression

‘Loui Lvndn – Fire Is The New Black’ is out now across all digital platforms

Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ Is Out Now On CD And Digital Release


Loui Lvndn releases the music video for ‘Fire Is The New Black’, the latest single from his SAMA-nominated debut album ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ out through Gallo Record Company.

Watch the music video for ‘Fire Is The New Black’ HERE

‘Fire Is The New Black’ marries a royal African drum to an alternative rock progression in a high-energy sonic ceremony. Loui is swerving past blockades in star-ship, speeding to the concert which he’s headlining where he serves us a booming staccato rhythm under an electrifying flow that saliently disobeys the hip-hop, rock and RnB. By the time you reach the chorus, Loui implores us to “… get it while it’s hot” as the intensity peeks. This record sees the man aflame unapologetically seduce the listener into not just playing with Fire, but scorching alongside it

‘Fire Is The New Black’ is a statement you that makes you sit up and listen attentively.

This fiery anthem begins and ends with embers. Embers representing potential. That ember is all weve ever needed as a people to set the world ablaze with the magical creative we all possess. Burn you bright thing! Rage on! With this FIRE, we will incinerate the narrative. With this FIRE, we will turn the constructs inside-out. No more invisible borders. No more predetermined routes. No dead more ends. Just wild fires, flaming onMy deepest desire to witness the power of all our fire. Its my own burning desire. This alone is why I hereby proclaim FIRE as the new Black!! I set myself alight. And I’ll be burning till the weather changes,” explains Loui.

The music video for ‘Fire Is The New Black’ is shot in a unique in-between poses editorial style featuring Loui Lvndn (London) putting his radical art on a pedestal – on display for the world to bear witness. The styling was done in collaboration with Lethabo Motklatle (@StyledbyLthiiz) and Natascha Theron (@Hearthrob.wav). It’s the only other thing in colour besides the make-up aesthetically and the colourful styling is a literal derivative of the song. But it’s not just about one colour. If it’s “hot”, it’s “the new black”. The grade and colour treatment is the sexual factor in this visual. Everything is black and white with keyed out moments of hue. The use of black and white speaks to the two opposite ends of the colour spectrum in South African society and that brings us together in the cause of progressively approaching art in the years to come. The make-up artist, Shamiso (@ShamTheMUA), follows Loui Lvndns directive by painting a look that borders on African face paint and stars as the only other coloured element in the music video. The vibrant cosmetic treatment represents and tells how our characteristics as a people and generation innately make the world unique, inspiring and ultimately beautiful. The video for ‘Fire Is The New Black’ was also produced by 1050 Entertainment.

Listen to ‘Loui Lvndn – Fire Is The New Black’ on your favourite digital platform now HERE

Fire Is The New Black – single artwork]

Loui Lvndn’s debut album ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ is out now in all good music stores and across all digital platforms.

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