South African singer, songwriter, musician and actress Celine recently launched her new pop-rock single, Call Me. She now unveils the video that goes along with the track. 

Directed by Rash Ferguson, the video features Celine as herself, and Alice Findlay as ‘her’, the female presence that ‘haunts’ the protagonist as she goes about her daily life – always at the edge of consciousness, but never quite tangible. The crisp, yet tender treatment of the subject matter serves to highlight the beauty and fragility of female love and the emptiness a relationship can leave behind when it ended on unequal footing.   

Celine has become renowned for her modulated sound and expertly crafted songs that combine a multi-layered rock approach with strong personal lyrics. Her musical narrative is punctuated with a subtle delivery in a style reminiscent of some of the most popular folk artists of our time. Add some adult contemporary elements, blues and jazz to the mix and you have a sound that is well and truly her own. 

Celine wrote Call Me as a reaction against the uneven power dynamic that occurs when you care about someone who doesn’t value you in equal measure. The video frames this frustration and anger beautifully, showing how we carry the burden of emotional trauma while we make our way through our daily lives even though it may not always be visible to the naked eye. 

The music video portrays the theme of how a history of toxic relationships and behaviour affects our perception and expectations of future relationships. We are haunted by the past, fearing that history will repeat itself and that ultimately, we will get hurt again. The video concludes on a lighter note, showing that the nightmare can indeed come to an end when we find someone genuinely good in whom we can trust,” explains Celine. 

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