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Many of us are feeling a shift in energy in the current climate.  Both individually and collectively. I know I am.  We lost my beautiful dog Dharma last week. I moved across the country to my new home.Now I face 2 weeks in isolation. Life is not the same. You could be experiencing your own challenging time.
These feelings might manifest as intense fear, isolation or something being not quite right. It’s hard to maintain an optimal vibration during these uncertain times. As the energy shifts around us, there are small steps we can take to protect, cleanse, heal, and raise our energy. An exercise I invite you to consider is nadi shodhana – or alternate nostril breathing.  It is a simple pranayama technique that I learned in India and it has a profound effect on our energy field. In fact, nadi shodhana roughly translates to “channel purification” or “flow purification.” As such, it can help to focus the mind, balance the nervous system, and clear our energetic channels.
To Practice:
1. Come to a comfortable seated position with a straight spine. Left hand rests in your lap.
2. Raise your right hand in front of your face and rest your pointer and middle finger on your forehead.
Use your thumb to block your right nostril and your ring finger to block your left.
3. Take one full breath in and breathe out through both nostrils.
Then block your right nostril for your next inhalation. Breathe in through the left.
4. Hold for a second at the top as you switch your fingers – and then breathe out through the right nostril.
5. Next, breathe in through the right (keeping the left closed); and switch to block the right. Breathe out through the left.
6. Repeat this cycle for 2-3 minutes. Breathe in through the left, out through the right; then in through the right, out through the left.
7. Let your breath come back to its natural rhythm.
It’s a simple practice but one that can powerfully shift your field of energy in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for when you need a quick reset amidst whatever is going on within and around you. Let me know how you go with this technique.  Drop into one of my Facebook LIVE meditations each MON, WED and FRI 9am AEST.
YouTube to follow soon – I’m looking at new software to help.
Sending you love, healing and good vibes.
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