Dutch groove rock band Outside Revelation have released their energetic debut single Catch Me on all available streaming services via Painted Bass Records. The single got a pretty powerful video too, which the band is proudly premiering on their socials.

A helping hand for a friend…
Lead singer Tracy Tchai was inspired to write the lyrics of Catch Me when she saw that her good friend was going through a really hard time, after he had heard that he is a HIV positive. If we see that our beloved ones are down, depressed or going through a hard time, we need to “catch them when they fall”.


“In this chaos of the world right now, we need to take care of our beloved ones, and catch each other, if we are tend to fall. It is okay to ‘not being okay’. We are here for each other and we are happy that with our music, we can bring you this message ”  

OUTSIDE REVELATION is heavy groove rock band from The Netherlands. The strength of the rhythm section is based on the long term musical relationship of drummer Toine Couwenberg and bass player Michael Wouters, as they’ve been playing music together for over 20 years. Add two young wolves to this steady base and there is an energetic groove rock band. Guitarist Davy Knobel uses surprising effects and different styles of guitar playing. This is how they create their modern sound, inspired by the iconic classic rock bands. Tracy Tchai adds her raw and pure vocals which will hit you immediately from the first note. The band is still excitingly preparing for the future shows, as they will be touring in their home country’s most well-known club stages during fall 2020.











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