Die Heuwels Fantasties new single release: ‘Ons moet Leef’.

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Die Heuwels Fatasties-Photo Andre’ Badenhorst

The well-known tracks that make up the existing Die Heuwels Fantasties discography have become a vital part of South African music culture in recent years, and the success of their recent singles ‘Jy Stel My Teleur’ en die ‘Mejuffrou Sonneblom’ has only proven that DHF is without a doubt one of the country’s most talented and versatile bands.

One of the most remarkable things about Die Heuwels is that they keep surprising their fans with new, unusually striking material. This certainly rings true for the new single, ‘Ons moet leef’, which taps into the South African current zeitgeist with remarkable alacrity and has already spread rapidly among their ardent fanbase.

Fred den Hartog explains how the song originated: “The song came into being on a hot day next to a hotel pool in Pretoria. Ampie Du Preez and Hunter Kennedy are old friends, so it was only a matter of time until a collaboration saw the light of day. After a few beers and a few lame jokes, I picked up my guitar and Pierre, Hunter, Ampie and I started to sing and write. ‘Ons moet leef’ were Hunter’s words. ‘Ons moet leef, ons moet lewe, ons moet leer om mekaar te vergewe’. In the end, it turned out to be a song about reconciliation, togetherness, friendship and being in the here and now.”

To make the video for the new track during the lockdown period in South Africa, DHF turned to social media to ask their fans to send home videos for consideration for use in the storyline.

 Hunter Kennedy explains: “We originally intended to film ourselves doing all sorts of funny things during lockdown, but then we realised, wait, the rest of South Africa is also feeling cooped up, so why don’t we all play together? We were curious to see what other people were up to because, as we all know, lockdown isn’t all that difficult, but it isn’t all that easy either. There were quite a few entries. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to those whose entries made it to the final cut. We love the final video!”

Ons moet Leef”, as well as “Jy Stel My Teleur” and “Mejuffrou Sonneblom” are some of the tracks on the new Die Heuwels Fantasties full-length album “2021” that will be released on May 22nd . The album features 15 new songs and was recorded at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch.

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