Less than two weeks ago, popular singer-songwriter YAHTO KRAFT, most recognizable from The Voice SA’s Season 3, released his debut single UGLY.
The overwhelming response to date of that release has been phenomenal for this young talent, with a high volume of streams, downloads and views of his lyric video.
But more important to Yahto and his team has been the deluge of messages sent to him about how the song has resonated, it’s as if he was singing to them, how they’ve gone through a similar experience – or are going through it – and this song has been such a big help in dealing with those issues and similar messages.
This song, has always been more than “just another single” to him  – it’s been about taking his power back, owning who he is and being proud of that.
It’s for the downtrodden, victimised, bullied, marginalised… but on the other end of the scale – it’s for EVERYONE to celebrate themselves and to love who they are and be comfortable in your own skin…
So for Yahto to receive these messages, has meant the world to him.
He is fast becoming a voice of his generation…
Included in these messages has been ongoing requests to give more information behind the song, lyrics and video – so while he’s been in #LockDown, Yahto has listened to those messages.
He decided to record this behind-the-scenes video for all those people – and others who haven’t been in touch – who might be feeling the same way…
Link to video – The story behind “UGLY” by Yahto Kraft HERE
Please take a few minutes out of your day to watch it – you’ll feel inspired !

Lyric video to “Ugly”

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