Quincy Megas in an up and coming rapper originally from Johannesburg but is now living in South Korea where he is pursuing his music full time as well as being a songwriter for other artists. Megas has a musical style that centers on his fondness for storytelling through the use of rhymes and witty expositions and his musical tastes and subsequent style of his own music are quite broad.

Today sees the release of the video for his new track Did It Again.

“Inspired by my desire to make more and more music, “Did It Again” was resealed as a way to celebrate having done exactly that. I tried to bring together elements of modern-day Trap with more vintage style Hip Hop by having a semi-repetitive hook and verses filled with witty rhymes.”  Comments Quincy on the inspiration for the track. He goes on to add, “This video symbolizes the journey I want to take my audience on as the camera follows me every step of the way while I rap the song in various places.”

Watch the video for here

Did It Again is available now on all digital platforms including:
Apple Music 



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