Since its inception, RADA’s intention has always been to start conversations on real world issues. For the month of May, the Non-Profit Organisation will be shifting its focus to the topic of bullying, which affects everyone.

 There is no doubt that bullying is a worldwide problem affecting more than the youth.  This issue is evident on the playground, in the boardroom and on the road with rage filled drivers.

This fear driven behaviour can take on many shapes and forms; physical, verbal, cyber and social, each one of them intense and debilitating.  Feeling powerless and stuck leads to isolation, depression, a low self-esteem and sometimes suicide.  Research shows that 1 in 6 children worldwide are faced with bullying and more specifically, cyber bullying.  These statistics are from reported cases only.


For the bully it’s all about regaining a sense of power and control in their lives.  Retaliation for the pain that they are feeling.  The point is that by making yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse is not the solution.

The tormentor, the victim, the spectator all play a role and have control over how to respond to situations, so break the cycle, stand up for yourself and stand up for others.

At RADA, we promote self-responsibility and self-awareness, an important attribute that can redefine the way we treat others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.


Watch the link to the video RADA put together with Prime Circle around this issue (Weapons of War)


Be the Way. Be the Change. One Day at a Time.

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