Reach Out released as first single from C3.

“For me the song is about self-doubt, anxiety and depression. It’s about waking up one day and realising that nothing seems to make much sense anymore and you can no longer find that quiet, peaceful place inside. It’s about wanting to say the words but just not having the energy to even bother trying.
It is not a very happy song but when I wrote it many years ago, it was quite a cathartic process and I was happy with the way the entire song turned out. Admittedly, if I wrote those words today, I would probably not be so straight forward.

It’s interesting reading it now as it definitely captures a moment in my life and whether or not someone else finds the lyrics good or bad, it does not really matter to me. I think Reach Out both lyrically and musically is a very honest song and a lot of fun to play.”

Grant Carver, South Africa, May 2020


Download ‘Reach Out‘ 


Get more info about Collocott Carver on their Official Facebook page and on a podcast Lone Wolf Media did with them on their Official YouTube Channel.



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