Basson Laubscher and Violent Free Peace share new tour video for their track Going Home



Going Home is the latest single taken from South African’s Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace’s debut full-length album Testify.

The video which was shot during the band’s first European tour in March was meant to portray an 18 day journey, traveling across countries, adapting to driving on the other side of the road, not knowing what accommodation you’ll have and communicating in other languages (just some of the things that really make you miss home). The song reached a whole new level of poetic beauty & irony after this experience and at the end, we all need to head home, whatever home may be for you.

With the sudden news from the South African government urging all citizens to come home and European countries starting to make a call on closing borders, the trip was cut short after only a week. “Sitting at an empty Schiphol International Airport waiting to catch the last flight back home, we were given an opportunity we would not otherwise have had” said Nikita Cloete, band manager. To film in a seemingly abandoned airport was a unique experience that helped make this video so captivating. Filmed and edited by Kyle Wesson, also the band’s drummer, beautifully captures the nostalgic and melancholic yearning for home while showing the excitement of travel with the gruelling schedules of touring.

“As a musician who has been performing and traveling for over a decade there is always a lingering feeling of missing home, especially after a long stretch on tour. Our song, Going Home, was to be a diary of exactly this and despite our first international tour being cut short, the video was still made and it actually took on an entire new meaning for us” said Basson Laubscher, frontman of the band.

Basson adds, “We are fortunate to travel to many places and explore wonderful areas, as well as some peculiar outskirts that aren’t necessarily on TripAdvisor or in our comfort-zones. We get to meet incredible people and encounter a variety of cultures, all in the name of Rock ‘n Roll, so that we can spread the gospel of music!”

Watch the video for Going Home here

In a tragic time, such as this, the band has remained positive and optimistic. They hope to keep on inspiring all the music lovers out there and to ask for their support, not in the form of a crowd-fund but rather to purchase their merchandise, leaving the fans with something to keep and remember as a symbol of hope and courage. To visit the online store, click here or keep an eye out for the next live stream where you have the opportunity to pay whatever you feel is adequate!


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