Talented musician Jukka Ruottinen from The Psycho Season, Bom Lulu and Deadglow fame has a new video out for his song called Sort It Out. Jukka says that ”The simple idea of the song is that somehow we have to figure out a way to get past our hard days and ghosts of our past and to just keep on going. But you can always wonder, if you could do something better in the future and maybe spend more time with people who really make you feel good. I was just strumming my guitar one day, and the whole song just came out. The song came out fast, so I wanted the song and video also out fast. Maybe this corona thing also sped  things up.”

Antti Jänkälä wrote the script and directed the video, he also filmed and edited it. The video was shot during one Saturday in Oulu in May. Antti Ylijääskö appears in one scene, otherwise it was done by Antti and Jukka.

Jukka recorded the song at home, but then his brother Markku Ruottinen added some guitar and mixed the song.

The new solo album is also in the works.

Watch the music video here


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