Dozi releases brand new single!

photo Credits: Vonk Musiek

When thinking of the name, Dozi, you are immediately reminded of hits like Grassade in die WindOu Ryperd and Tussen Jou en My and, in your mind’s eye, you get a clear picture of this beloved gentle giant who has dominated the local music scene for over two decades.

After providing a performance platform for upcoming artists at his restaurant and entertainment venue, Dozi’sBack to the Roots for the past few years, the artist has decided to shift the focus back to his own music by surprising fans with a brand new album. VREDE, which promises to exceed their greatest expectations.

The first single, PARTYKEER SOMTYDS, will hit radio stations nationwide on 15 May and its already been identified as a major hit.  The song was written by the very talented Stef Kruger and it is about the fact that we have no control over what happens in our lives and that it is all really just grace.  We all make mistakes and are blown up and down by the wind and then sometimes there’s one person that comes into your life and makes everyhing right and beautiful again.  “It is about seasons.  Our whole lives are about seasons and it goes past so quickly and then sometimes the heavens open up and gives us rain and everything comes back to grace again”, says Dozi about this beautiful new song.

VREDE combines a collection of music that will not only make you feel nostalgic about the past, but will inspire hope for the future and make you appreciate the present. This acoustic recording will build on the winning recipe for which he is known, but will also showcase a brand new side of his music to the public and will be released on all digital platforms on 29 May 2020.

Pre-order the album now HERE

This nineteenth studio album of Dozi boasts twelve original tracks, of which three were written by the artist himself. Stef Kruger was responsible for the rest of the content and, according to the artist, he enjoyed working with this talented songwriter again. The content can mainly be described as a modern mixture of meaningful music, with a few upbeat tracks to lighten the mood.

“The reason I write music is to make the world a better place. Musicians are disciples of the world, and it is their job to make people’s souls happy. If you are unhappy and you listen to the right music, then you feel better,” he shares.

The release of VREDE will also be celebrated with a special online concert on 27 June.  More information about this concert will be released soon.  Keep an eye on, the media and Dozi’s social media pages.

 VREDE is going to be a must-have addition to any Dozi fan’s music collection. It is a compilation of feel-good, heartfelt music with which no playlist should be without.




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