Dear Readers

I’m not up to selling an image of the world being only glitter and rainbows.

Through experience, I know that life isn’t all that simple – and it doesn’t always feel like magic.

Life’s waves can get the best of us.

Yet, I’ve come to realize over time that there is a way we can sail through life’s storms with greater ease.

A way to relish in the aliveness of our being with greater focus, passion, courage, and vitality.

Have you been feeling weighed down by the weight of the world?

Or are you uninspired by what is here?

I invite you to consider taking a moment’s pause –

… to soften the mind,

… to surrender any stories you might hold about yourself and the world,

…. and to simply breathe.

Once you feel yourself softening, even if only subtly, consider this:

The world is not limited by your beliefs or your vantage point.

It’s not limited by what may have happened in the past or by what you think is possible for the future.

The world is alive, and that includes the world inside of you.

The cells of your body follow some mysterious force that makes it possible for you – your unique and radiant being – to exist.

The world is full of light, even when things feel rather dark.

When your light has dampened, become curious, quiet, and patient. Compassionately enquire: how might it be rekindled?

Breathe in the fresh forest air.

Recognize our shared humanity by looking deeply into the eyes of another.

Savour the sweet nutrients of a piece of fruit.

Witness the miracle of your breath.

By taking small steps to recognize the gift of each moment, we can slowly bring light to the darkness.

I encourage you to honour your low moments as they arise – but to not stay there for too long.

Consider where there is a lesson to be learned, something to be recognized, or a seed germinating at the end of another chapter.

What new life waits for you beyond the horizon?

Take a moment to do my new Great Awakening Meditation on YouTube and be inspired from deep within. You’ll be glad you did.

Much love,


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