Hear n Now Continue Down their “No Road to ruin” Journey against COVID

The multi-artist COVID coalition, Hear ‘n Now, which features the talents of Steve Grimmett of Grim ReaperPatrick Kennison of Lita FordChris Natalini of Blood FeastCorners of Sanctuary, Ed Mischke of Veronica “The V” Freeman and Alex Olivetti of Threatpoint among other Rock and Metal artists, are continuing to pound the pavement in support of their new single, “No Road to Ruin,” which was written and produced by Corners of Sanctuary guitarist, Mick Michaels.

“I’m glad I was asked to be a part of this project…,” said guitarist Olivetti.  It’s for a good cause. Music is an important part of life, especially as an artist, and with the world in turmoil, people are looking for outlets to help them get through. When the opportunity came to contribute to this project I couldn’t say no.”

No Road to Ruin,” which officially released May 11th, four days earlier than its original drop date, was made available as a free MP3 download by Heaven and Hell Records via the label’s Bandcamp platform.

In addition, Keep it Metal Promotions has also provided a link to download the song directly from their official website by visiting HERE

If you love Metal, like the 80’s retro sound…than this single is for you. You get cool riffs, shredding guitar, some great vocals and to top it all off, a positive message about persevering through this pandemic,” reported online music news outlet Seth’s Rock Report following the single’s release.

The new track has already been making its rounds on the internet airwaves as well as terrestrial radio.

“We are hoping the word keeps spreading,” said Michaels. “It’s definitely an uphill climb, but so far the support has been great.”

Though the song is available for free, Hear ‘n Now head, Billy Loney, of Keep it Metal Promotions, is urging people to make a donation at the point of download.

“Making a donation is completely voluntary,” said Loney. “There’s no obligation. We just wanted to have the opportunity available for anyone who wishes to…every bit helps.”

Donations benefit relief efforts organized by the Center for Disaster PhilanthropyHERE

“I’m proud to be involved in this project…,” said guitarist Mischke. “What better way is there to help people than with Metal!”

See the “No Road to Ruin” lyric video: HERE

Check out Hear ‘n Now at:

Download “No Road to RuinHERE

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