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Just Mia is proud to unveil her brand-new single ‘Here I Go Again’ which is out now across all digital platforms.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Here I Go Again’ HERE

“I truly hope that this piece of my heart and what I do as an artist will reach someone and make them feel something. Although we are in isolation and facing a worldwide pandemic, we must remember that we can still stand together even though we are apart. Help where you can, be understanding, be gentle and most of all be kind.
Much love and stay safe.”
– Just Mia

Based in the City Of Gold with a voice of pure gold herself, singer-songwriter Just Mia is hard to forget once you’ve heard her raw and husky vocals. In 2019 she reached the Top 32 of The Voice and was part of Team Francois with Francois van Coke.

“Since the first time I heard Mia sing I was infatuated by her creativity and her unique voice. I am a fan of Mia as an artist and as a person. Her new single also proves that she is authentic/original and does not follow the norm. I am very excited about her future”
– Francois van Coke

Her brand-new single ‘Here I Go Again’ has Just Mia grabbing our attention from the first note.

I wrote ‘Here I Go Again’ two years ago while observing a toxic relationship. It brought back so many memories of my past and the previous relationships that I kept cultivating while knowing that it was not in my best interest. Seeing this from a different perspective inspired me to write a song about giving in to someone or something regardless of the pain it causes. This is where the saying ‘Love is blind’ truly resonates,” explains Mia as she delves into the inspiration for the single. “’Here I Go Again’ is about loving the wrong person so much that you give in to them even though you know they aren’t good for you. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that and we’ve all made mistakes and learned from them. May this song be a reminder to always know your worth!”

Just Mia had the pleasure of working with Tjaart van der Walt and Sybrand Johan Van Dyk on ‘Here I Go Again’. She heard via word of mouth of the talented young producer and made it a goal of hers to work with Tjaart. Tjaart in turn introduced Mia to Sybrand and suggested that they both work on producing ‘Here I Go Again’, which she did not hesitate on and they have both exceeded her expectations.

“Tjaart Van Der Walt is an amazing instrumentalist and has a very good ear, he played all the instrument’s (apart from the guitar solo) and produced, mixed and mastered ‘Here I Go Again’. Sybrand Johan Van Dyk is also an amazing and diverse artist and instrumentalist. He assisted Tjaart with the producing and overall arrangement of ‘Here I Go Again’,” and Mia had another great muso join in on the recording with Kobus Dippenaar, an exceptional guitarist, playing the guitar solo on ‘Here I Go Again’.

Almost 8 weeks into the national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Just Mia has taken the time to improve and further develop herself as a musician. “Lockdown has been good and bad for my career: bad in a sense that I am unable to do live performances at venues and earn that part of my income, but it has also been good in regards to reinventing ways of connecting with people. It has definitely helped me to better my skills such as song writing and finding more time to work on my guitar and singing technique. It also changed my perspective on how we as artists will continue to successfully do what we love and especially improved my technological skills.”

‘Just Mia – Here I Go Again’ is out now across all digital platforms HERE
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