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What does it mean to embody self-esteem? Or, perhaps the more appropriate question is: what does it feel like to do so? We live in a competitive world with limited ideas about worthiness, beauty, and success. Embodying healthy self-esteem is not always easy. For years I had low self-esteem and could not speak up for myself. I was like a doormat saying “Yes!” to everything and everyone.
This was like a vicious cycle that would see me falling deeper into the depths of despair.

Until I began to look deep within myself. It often takes time to sift through and undo old beliefs we hold about worthiness. Slowly bringing to light a new relationship with ourselves.

Carrying a healthy degree of self-esteem feels like openness. An open willingness to share ourselves with the world. To take risks in the name of our highest aspirations, and to be the person we know ourselves to be. Is embodying this openness – this confidence, self-trust, and worthiness – challenging for you?

I invite you to consider the following 3 tips to begin undoing old beliefs that hold you back.

Watch your inner critic with compassion.

When self-esteem is low, there are usually stubborn, unsupportive beliefs present – limiting beliefs about ourselves and about the world.

Be mindful of where this inner critic raises its voice.

Compassionately acknowledge it before detaching yourself from its untruths.

Reframe your ideas about worthiness.

True self-esteem is not conditional.

We are unconditionally worthy of peace, love, success, and happiness.

Witness and soften any ideas that say self-esteem will come when:

Your hair falls into place,

When you get a promotion, or;

When someone else sees your worth.

Lasting self-esteem comes from within.

Speak loving, supportive words.

When you’ve witnessed the critic and compassionately released its unkind words, fill the space with positive affirmations.


“I love and accept myself as I am,”

“I am confident in my abilities,” 

“I am worthy of love and kindness”

Raising your self-esteem to levels that represent your innate radiance can take time.

Focus on how you can speak to yourself in this moment, encouraging future moments to follow suit.

Please feel free to try out my self esteem/ self acceptance meditation to help you along your way.

Until next week.

Much love,




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