Ambient Prog Master Ryno Theron from Durban (South Africa) is back with Howling Rush; an atmospheric journey of ten ambitious tracks exploring experimental guitar styles and genres (with ten special guest artist each imparting an even deeper weight and depth to this master project). Each collaborator was carefully selected as an artist Ryno truly respects and admires.

“My creative process was heavily influenced by the music I was listening to at the time. A lot of Post Rock bands like Caspian, eclectic stuff like Khruangbin, and Guy Buttery’s self titled album (that completely blew me away).”

“The time I spent developing and shaping these songs took around two years. I had a million ideas, but also an uncanny type of writer’s block I battled to bring these tracks to life!”

“Having played in Metal bands for many years and performing as a solo Fingerstyle guitarist, it really takes a lot of self-discipline not to overplay and get too flashy with this music. I definitely love letting loose, but the songs come first.”

1. Burdens (08:46)
2. Howling Rush 
3. Slow Burning Fire 
4. INS 
5. Sparks 
6. Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You 
7. In The Groove 
8. Different Everytime 
9. Achlys 
10. Tsakane 
Collaborators: Ashvin Laljit, Ben Bruzas, Craig Borrill, Julian Letard, Nathaniel Bruzas, Ron Howse, Ross Tapson, Ryan Rud, Siya Ngubo and The Area Kid.
Produced By: Daniel Philogene

Photo: Steven Leggo
Ryno Theron is a Solo Experimental Guitarist from Durban (South Africa). His sound is mostly instrumental, layered with Ambient textures and accompanied by groovy percussion and bass lines through his Fingerstyle technique (playing drums, bass lines and melody at the same time on one guitar without looping). Coming from a Metal background, this has also given him a unique take by mixing this with numerous other playing styles.

His music is usually met with much excitement due to the unique playing style, sounds, and the intense energy that accompanies it. He spent the last three years performing extensively as a solo artist as well as with his trio.

Ryno performed 40 shows in 2017 and over 60 in 2018, inclusive of notable performances at Splashy Fen (with The Nishalin Pillay Trio), as well as Smoking Dragon Festival and The The Monteseel Music Festival (with his Trio as well as solo). He also did two short solo Gauteng Tours.  He ended off 2019 by playing on The Smoking Dragon Main Stage with a five piece version of his band.

2020 started off promising with the release of his second full length album and a Gauteng Tour in February, joined by good friends The Name On The Drum.

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