Dear Readers,

I know it’s not always easy.

To embody this deeper understanding…

That it’s safe and empowering to let go and trust the universe.

Music can help! (More on this later)

When things are going well in life, this understanding comes to us more readily. Unlike when challenges are very much present. Over the years I’ve come to learn something powerful.

In moments of fear and uncertainty – let go and trust the journey. This has had the most meaningful impact in reshaping the course I’m on.

Why Should I Let Go?

When fear is present and persistent, our energetic system contracts and is stagnant. Our outlook on the world is one-sighted. So we struggle to see the opportunities and blessings that are right before our eyes. As we find the courage to soften our attachment to fear, even if only slightly at first, we start to gain a greater perspective of our current situation. This widened outlook provides space for lightness to enter our being and for creative solutions to arise.

How Can I Let Go?

By tuning into the breath and body mindfully, we start to see that each moment is perfect just the way it is. In this present moment, there is nothing we need to actively change, manipulate, or fix. Close your eyes and witness your breath. Can this moment be enough, exactly as it is? You might also like to listen to my NEW Chakra Sleep Healing Music. May it help you release the day and let go before you drift off to sleep. It’s composed with the intention to heal, forgive, release and let go of negative beliefs or emotions.

I hope this helps you on your journey today!

Much love,


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