The time has come to reinvent our ROAR

21 Artists from across the globe stand together in solidarity

with the entertainment & live events industries

Watch the #ReInventYourROAR music video:  HERE


In May 2020, 21 artists from across the globe came together online to stand in solidarity with the entire entertainment and live events communities and recorded a unique take on Katy Perry’s hit song ROAR, culminating in the release of an inspiring video today, #ReInventYourROAR.

 No matter where in the world we find ourselves, and in whatever circumstances, everyone has been affected by COVID-19.

We are all trying to re-assess, re-adjust and re-invent ourselves in these uncertain times.

 It was on one of these days in early May when an idea came to David Bloch, Executive Show Producer, Creative Director and Stage Director for high-end events in South Africa and abroad.

 David felt that now more than ever, it was important for the entertainment and live events industries to show love, support, understanding and compassion to each other.

 What was planted in his mind as an idea has now blossomed into this epic music video, recorded by individual artists in 15 cities from 11 different countries, all artists that David has had the pleasure of working with over the past 21 years.

#ReInventYourROAR is about resilience and the power of the human mind, body and spirit to overcome ANYTHING! The message is – no matter what… these industries WILL soldier on!

Bloch believes this video can definitely mean so much to so many, depending on what one is feeling on any given day. It can be inspiring, reaffirming, empowering, joyful and almost defiant if you will, of the situation in which we all find ourselves. It really depends on the mood of the listener.

Ultimately he wants this song to be one of belief; a genuine, impassioned and unquestionable belief that these industries will recover. A belief so strong that their ‘roar’ will never be silenced.

David Bloch explains; Each and every singer I approached committed to my idea of an international collaboration without so much as an iota of hesitation. I have worked with all of them whether in South Africa or abroad on my international events, and I am so proud to call each and every one of them a friend.”

He continues; It is interesting to note that this year I celebrate the 21st anniversary of the first corporate show I ever produced…and by pure coincidence, I make up the 21st featured singer on the track!

It was never planned that way. It genuinely just happened, and it is this which makes the song even more special for me.”

Alongside incredible international appearances, #ReInventYourROAR, features the remarkable talents of South Africans living both here and abroad, namely; Lelo Ramasimong and Graeme Watkins (Johannesburg, RSA), Chad Saaiman (Cape Town, RSA), Fem Belling (Melbourne, Australia), Sifiso Mazibuko (London, UK), Richard Stirton (Liverpool, UK), Melanie Scholtz (Berlin, Germany), Lyle Anthony (Los Angeles, USA), Naz Holland (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and Shaun V (Dubai, UAE).

International artists include; The Clarisse Sisters (Mauritius), Shanay Shah (Mumbai, India), Appassionante (Rome, Italy) Cristina Ramos (Gran Canaria, Spain), Tal Vaknin (Jerusalem, Israel) and Christina Bianco (New York, USA).

Bryan Schimmel, Music Arranger of #ReInventYourROAR, adds; Imagine asking a painter to create a powerful piece of work with a vast and varied palette of disparate and diverse colours and textures. That is how I can best describe my experience of arranging this iconic song into this epic production. My colours and textures were 21 voices from all over the world, singers with different accents, depending on their nationality, hugely accomplished artists in the fields of rock, opera, musical theatre, soul, R & B and jazz.”

He continues; “I have always said that an arrangement is as good as the people performing it and these artists have taken this arrangement to the next level, delivering an impassioned, full-throated, fist-pumping mantra for all artists.”

Backing Vocals were provided by Tima Reece and Kurt Herman,

The song was re-arranged by Bryan Schimmel with the track produced and mixed by Bluberry Entertainment.

The music video was edited by Even Flow Media with footage provided from all artists.

Kurt Herman of Bluberry Entertainment explains the scope of the project; “Working on this very creative collaboration was definitely one for the books. The technical task in bringing all these phenomenal artists together and make them sound like they were all directed and recorded in one space was quite the challenge. Phonetics and performance was a big hurdle too. Most were recording their vocals on their phones, which was one of the greatest technical challenges. However, their commitment to ensure a passionate performance was the glue that allowed me the space to carve the recordings into a magical tapestry. How could I not, when the vocal arrangement from Bryan Schimmel is nothing short of artistic musical poetry.”

Watch the #ReinventYourROAR music video on YouTube HERE

David concludes with a message to the entertainment and live events industries; and indeed, anyone who is moved by this music video.

“The time has come, to # #ReInventYourROAR

To our entire entertainment and live events families, we say STAY STRONG!

 To our audiences, fans, supporters, families, friends and colleagues from all over the world, we say;

“We WILL return to our stages

We WILL put on our make-up

We WILL dress in fabulous outfits

We WILL be supported by the most incredible technical crews

We WILL hear YOUR applause again

You WILL hear OUR voices again

but until then… you WILL continue to hear us ROAR!”

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