The Shabs receive a helping hand from their fans in making a music video for their latest single “I Feel Alive”.

Watch video here


The Shabs are back on your radar with “I Feel Alive”, a lockdown anthem that everyone can resonate with. “I Feel Alive” is out today on your favourite streaming platform. 

“Our new music video is made up of over 130 clips sent in by friends and family and all the people who contributed to our recent crowd-funding campaign to help us cover costs we incurred after cancelling our recent European tour while we were on it, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Every single bit of support we’ve received, be it monetary, logistically or emotionally has really kept us going over the years and we love that we could involve so many of our supporters in this video.

‘I Feel Alive’ is a song about feeling stuck in a really dark place which can often make life seem hopeless, pointless and lonely. The overwhelming support that we have received through this tough time has perfectly highlighted how important it is to be there for each other. We appreciate every smile that’s been put on our face by everyone in this video and we hope it brings many smiles to everyone else.”


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