Steve Umculo releases outdoor acoustic video for “We’re Alright”


Johannesburg based singer-songwriter Steve Umculo has recorded a live outdoor acoustic version of his track “We’re Alright”.  His music is a tasty blend between folk harmonies and afro-centric grooves. Steve maintains a seamless balance between sing-along melodies
and dance-inducing grooves. Steve’s energy and positivity are as contagious as they are refreshing. His engaging presence and
cheerful attitude will leave you captivated, motivated and invigorated.

“We’re Alright” resonates the social standpoint that people should be able to love each other regardless of culture, race, or sexual orientation. It challenges the prejudice and judgement imposed on same-sex and interracial couples that is rife in many societies today. It addresses how the aftermath of institutional racism and prejudice can still unnecessarily affect the lives of the previously oppressed, even decades after the supposed abolishment of oppressive regimes.

The song is written from the perspective of someone involved in a “taboo” relationship who attempts to comfort their lover. This person understands that things are difficult but reassures their partner that everything is alright because they have each other.

“We have seen a lot of racial tension brought to the fore over the course of the last week amidst one of the most turbulent periods in human history. This song serves as a reminder that, even though the world feels like it’s falling apart, we’re alright when we stand together.” – Steve Umculo

Watch the video for We’re Alright

We’re Alright is available now on all digital platforms HERE


Kulungile (isiZulu) – It’s alright
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