SonOfOld Dances Alone During Lockdown In The Music Video For ‘Saturday Night’

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[PICTURED: Nic Olsen – SonOfOld]
Photo Credit – Cornell Meyer


SonOfOld dances alone in his weirdly wonderful music video ‘Saturday Night’ and delivers fun visuals.

Watch the music video for ‘Saturday Night’ HERE

The music video for ‘Saturday Night’ is a collaboration between Nic Olsen aka Sonofold, South African Musician/ Photographer / Videographer Cornell Meyer and American Singer Songwriter / Artist Thomas Snively III who, with the assistance of his partner Uli Albrecht, cut in low-fi imagery to compliment a performance to no-one.

Cornell Meyer is a local Durban singer, guitarist, photographer and videographer that Nic has been working with since the beginning of 2020 and who shot and edited the video for ‘Atom Man’.

Thomas Vinton Snively III is a Singer, Musician and Guitar player, Grandson of Thomas Vinton Snively, Citrus fruit magnet in Winter Haven, Florida and Cypress Gardens, Florida, and cousin of the godfather of Americana Gram Parsons. Having spent much time in Olympia, Washington, Baltimore and New York in his youth, Thom got to know some of the underground greats including Will Oldham, Julianna Hatfield, Elliot Smith, Make up and Lungfish. Thom and Nic played together in Thom’s project “Gown” between 2007- 2008 and then continued to perform and tour together as an acoustic duo. Thom and Nic still plan to work musically together in future but for now, and apart from the odd impromptu “cooking show” on Instagram (Thom is a great cook), there has simply been much banter and catching up enabled by the worldwide lockdown. When Nic commented on how much he enjoyed Thom’s wacky Instagram Stories, Thom offered to incorporate some of his visuals into the video.

Delving deeper into the concept and visuals for the music video, Olsen explains “This video is really something that just happened naturally, having worked some time with Cornell the performance was easy to capture… I then jumped at the opportunity to have Thom involved; he has a great sense of humour and doing anything creative with him is always fun. The fact that his first visuals consist of a bunch of falling tomatoes gave me the initial impression that he wasn’t into the track, but he insisted otherwise. Apparently even his partner Uli was singing along while editing… be it somewhat sarcastically…Thom assured me that this was a good sign! I still look forward to doing a broken down simple acoustic album with him in the future.”

From a musical perspective ‘Saturday Night’ is a creative collab between SonOfOld’s Nic Olsen and his previous studio partner and musician/producer, Daniel Baskin. The single then had a little extra lyrical and musical spice added by composer Sean Ross a.k.a. MISSU from Durban but now based in Cape Town, and copywriter Mitch Prinsloo from Johannesburg (introduced to Olsen by Baskin). The song was born while all four were cooped up in a studio with a little too much beer – just losing oneself in good creative vibes.

‘SonOfOld- Saturday Night’ is out now across all digital platforms.

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