Plum- All and Nothing

Plum arrived on the scene in the mid to late 90’s in South Africa’s transformative years bringing with them a different sound to the grunge scene so alive in those years.  The album is a culmination of the varied sounds that cultivated Plum: rock, hip hop, rap, metal, hard rock, trans and trippy!

It has taken 16 years to get All and Nothing out to the world and the album does not disappoint!


Track Listing:

First Class Funky Hero | Lifetime Partner (feat. Melody Kay & Tripwire) | Visions (feat. Kingsley Mamafa) | Back On The Train | Drowning | Addicted | One Step Far | When I Say | Lament | Already There (feat. David Beretta Owens) | Nothing | Anything | Deeper

Download the first single:
Back On The Train

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