Hear n Now… A Time to Unite One and All

The multi-artist initiative Hear ‘n Now, which features the talents of Steve Grimmett of Grim ReaperPatrick Kennison of Lita FordChris Natalini of Blood Feast, members of Corners of Sanctuary and Ed Mischke of Veronica “The V” Freeman among other Rock performers, are asking people to take another listen, spread the word and help the song, “No Road to Ruin,” reach a wider audience.

It’s a great tune,” said Hear ‘n Now creator Billy Loney. “There’s a ton of life left in this song…”

No Road to Ruin,” which officially dropped in May, amidst the COVID lockdown, is available as a free MP3 download. The song’s initial release was met with positive praise and early reviews were solid. Since then, the world has spiraled into more chaos as attention shifted from COVID to protests. Demonstrations quickly turned to riots in light of the unfortunate situation leading to the death of George Floyd. Between the COVID pandemic and the worlds’ outcry for justice, music has taken an inevitable backseat.

Hear ‘n Now feels the song’s message of standing together, united as one is more relevant now than ever.


Music is massively powerful…having the ability to create bonds and unite people of all races, creeds and colors…anywhere in the world,” said Loney. “The message is universally simple…together we are unstoppable.”

Download “No Road to Ruin” for free HERE

With the song being available for free, Loney is urging people to make a small donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy at the point of download. Then organization’s mission is to provide needed global relief efforts to those in need.

A donation of any amount is completely voluntary…the song is still free,” said Loney. “I know times for many of us are tough but every bit makes a difference and that difference, no matter the size, is a sign of hope…and we all need that at the moment.”

No Road to Ruin” is available on Heaven and Hell Records.

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