This Summer release their debut single Broken Radio, an upbeat but confessional introduction to their haunting post-punk soundscape.

(Photographer – Kyle Kemink)

Broken Radio is the new single from Johannesburg based independent alternative music project This Summer.
Formed in 2019, the band is a collaboration between a singer/songwriter/guitarist, producer/bassist/drummer, and an indie producer.

This deceptively energetic alternative rock track reveals pockets of darkness and brooding anger through dark lyrics and melancholy undertones. Slick production polishes the raw spirit of Broken Radio into an obsidian sheen. Acoustic guitars and a catchy bass lines propelling the track forward, while screaming electric guitars ignite the chorus. Subtle synths add a glimmer of 80s sci-fi noir.

 Broken Radio is about getting lost in the search for love in a place that offers familiarity and belonging. Instead, you find yourself lying in a gutter in the big city, staring up at the sky and trying to make sense of it all.” – This Summer

Watch the lyric video here

In the next few months, other moods and textures will be revealed with the release of the
2nd and 3rd singles, Commotion and Shadows. Their debut full length album Wonderland will launch in August 2020.

Broken Radio is available now on all digital platforms.

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