Phil Higgins Releases First Single, “Dizzy”, Off Anticipated EP “Beautiful Confusion”


Dizzy’ released on, 26 June, 2020




About the song: 

The song was inspired by the awkward experience of seeing your ex for the first time and having that first conversation after going your separate ways. Phil says that she felt all kinds of different emotions when this happened to her once at a party. There is something nice about the familiarity of the other person’s voice and hearing it again in conversation, but it’s also scary and strange to feel so distant from someone that you were so close to – as the song’s lyrics read, ‘’A hallway conversation with a boy who used to be my home’’. I described this mix of emotions that I felt as feeling ‘’Dizzy’’ or confused.

Phil’s first EP, “Beautiful Confusion” will be available from 14 August, 2020.


Phil Higgins is a soulful 20-year old singer/songwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her writing is very honest with her strong and often referred to as ‘’quirky’’ personality coming through in her music. She writes about themes that her peers can relate to. She grew up playing the piano and guitar and was introduced to different music genres and artists from a very young age. The genres that stuck the most were Jazz, 70s Pop, Funk, RnB and Indie music. Phil loves anything with some soul. Artists such as Sigrid, Lianne La Havas, Jacob Collier, Sam Smith, Vulfpeck and Lorde inspire her. She has performed on stages such as the Teatro, Monte Casino through the Born To Perform platform, the GrandWest Arena with The Abba Show and has also appeared on TV. She also has her LTCL Diploma in musical theatre performance.

‘’Being more than just good enough’’, ‘’embracing your faults and insecurities’’ and ‘’celebrating yourself’’ are important themes found in Phil’s music. Her songs contrast messages of vulnerability with extreme levels of confidence and attitude that are all about taking your power back. This can be heard in her debut single, ‘’Running Away’’, that was released in September, 2019. Phil does not have the typical South African sound and strives to push boundaries with her realness and bring something fresh to SA music – especially being a female artist. ‘’I want people to listen to my music and know that it’s more than okay to dream, to cry, to get mad and to mess up, to truly love yourself and just be human.’’ – Phil.

‘’Growing up and staying with my mom has made me quite the independent young woman and this translates naturally to my music. If my stories and my messages can give the younger generation of girls a sense of pride and power in themselves and their peers, it would be my biggest dream come true.’’

’I truly believe that my music will never stop evolving, but that this EP will give people a much broader understanding of my musical journey so far and also where it could go’’– Phil Higgins (Beautiful Confusion Ep)










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