In a clear departure from the musical style we’ve come to expect from Gavin Ferguson, his latest release “Dragons In The Sky” is a refreshing change of pace that fits like a glove.  Gavin showcases his stylistic versatility whilst paying homage to the iconic late 90’s indie rock scene which inspired the sound of the new track.

Gavin Ferguson accompanied by producer and drummer Tom Watkeys skilfully balance the ebb and flow of power-vocals that layer the track throughout, while strong electric guitar and progressive drums create a decidedly optimistic milieu in stark contrast to the dark subject matter of the seemingly whimsical lyrical content.  The seamless integration of the various elements serves to highlight how naturally they merge into a cleverly balanced whole.

Equal parts allegorical and literal “Dragons In The Sky” is about the chance of attaining the proverbial picture-perfect relationship and over time coming to the realisation that despite your best efforts and legitimately feeling obliged, that you are not able to reciprocate the depth of love that your partner seems to almost effortlessly experience for and express towards you.

At the core of “Dragons In The Sky” are snapshots of the intricate dynamic between lovers taken from different perspectives.  In this aspect Gavin has remained true to his ethos; through his candid approach to song-writing he pursues authenticity, somewhat defiantly facing even the darkness that can potentially exist and more often than not he finds himself facing aspects of his own insecurities and vulnerabilities in the process.

BIO-Gavin Ferguson

Singer-songwriter Gavin Ferguson started playing guitar at the age of 16; his love for music was discovered in high school alongside his love for drama in which he received full colours.  He performed in musicals, open mic nights at venues around KZN during his high school career and after, building a strong local following before expanding into the national music scene in SA.

Gavin’s musical style is extremely versatile, incorporating soulful vocals and dabbling in genres ranging from pop to rock.  Gavin’s musical influences range from a wide variety of genres including commercial pop, rock, jazz, light blues, RnB, dance, classical, indie and big band with a flare of southern gospel infused with old school classics, flamenco-style guitar and classical finger picking.

After much turmoil between pursuing his career as an engineer or following his musical path, Gavin eventually decided to pursue music as a full time musician in 2013 and has not looked back since.

In the early days, having passionately played at every dingy bar he could find, Gavin eventually started performing for the more prestigious venues around his home town in KZN, from becoming a regular at the Oyster Box he ventured into performing for private functions and public festivals such as Splashy Fen, Smoking Dragon, Lube and Tube, Biosphere, White Mountain Festival, Peacanwood Oktoberfest and others.

These festival performances have spurred an evolution in Gavin’s music that has brought great joy to both the music fans and Gavin himself, having shared the stage with and supported artists including but not limited to:  Pascal and Pierce, Khan from The Parlotones, Short Straw, Locnville, Jeremy Loops, Mathew Mole, John Ellis from Tree 63, Majozi, December Streets and Crash Car Burn.

Gavin’s first single “Friendzone” became somewhat of an underground anthem, eventually becoming the track that he was known for due to the raw quality and catchiness of the tune.  It was “Friendzone” that initially caught the attention of Archie Majola from Midas Touch Records.

Further to regularly performing, Gavin put his engineering expertise to work building his own studio and later producing his 2nd single titled “Never Know”.  Singles that followed were “Graffiti Blues” “Rockets” and then “Eternal Sin” which was the single that cemented the relationship with Archie who took to becoming Gavin’s full time manager and guiding him on the path to building a brand and moving to the next level in his musical journey.

“Eternal Sin” enjoyed play-listing on East Coast Radio, Good Hope FM and RSG amongst others.

Gavin’s latest single “Not Right” has a strong pop element to it and is available on all streaming platforms.  The music video for “Not Right” went viral almost instantly, securing over 1K views within the first day.  “Not Right” embodies a feel good vibe with a music video that caters to all demographics and fun in all regards.

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