HYMR releases his anthemic debut album Artificial Intelligence.

Rising electronic artist HYMR releases his anthemic, intimate, and powerful debut album Artificial Intelligence today. The twelve-tracks contain driving basslines, groovy beats, and atmospheric melodic elements. From the minimalistic and energy-filled “Polluted Planet” to the emotion-packed, dark “The Dawn of A.I.”. HYMR delivers melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation. “Artificial Intelligence” highlights the inevitable path towards such technology. Through the music and tones, HYMR spotlights how it can help the human race, or destroy it. All in all, the album will put listeners in a state of trance with its organic sounds, dark tones, and melodies, fusing electronic, synthwave, and trance elements. Through this grand, and message-filled album, HYMR proves why he is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. “.


“Putting my debut album together was a fun and creative experience for me. I know my music is different to the commercially available music, but i want people experience music and sound in a different way. This is why i refer to this album as an abstract painting, because each track is unique.” He explains. “I am confident that there are people out there that will relate to my music and experience what i have experienced when i composed/produced the music. I want listeners to sit back, close their eyes and be transported to my world, a world of sound”

From a young age, HMYR’s innate talent sparked when he started playing the piano by ear. Through the years he has developed a unique musical composition style that makes every track be distinct. He now looks beyond the solo artist career and seeks to produce music for the film industry.



Artificial Intelligence is available now on all digital platforms including Spotify Deezer Apple Music

Watch the video for We Love ft Lukky Sparxx here


Track Listing:
1) Artificial Intelligence (feat. Ry)
2) Cosmic Dreamer
3) Polluted Planet (feat. Christina)
4) Short ‘n Sweet
5) Here We Are (feat. Christina)
6) The Dawn of A.I
7) Imagination (feat. Lukky Sparxx)
8) We Belong Together
9) My Devices
10) Welcome to the World of Sound
11) Artificial Intelligence (Original Version)
12) We Love (feat. Lukky Sparxx).

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