The newest release from Armenian-born, Super Sako, and Egyptian Superstar Mohamed Ramadan has hit the ground running, raking in 7 million views in less than a week. The viral hit “Tik Tok” had already reached over 3 million views in its first 24 hours, a huge achievement for the newest signing to BMG Africa and the Middle East.

Watch the video for “Tik Tok” hereHERE

The single was also recently added to a number of high-profile playlists on Spotify including Spotify’s, Global X playlist at number 3, and reached the New Music Fridays playlists in the Gulf and North African markets.

“BMG believes in the role Africa plays in popular music. This collaboration between Super Sako, and Mohamed Ramadan, an Egyptian film and music star, speaks to the power of this amazing African continent” says Jonathan Jules, BMG’s Director International Marketing – Africa and the Middle East. “Super Sako is Armenian by birth and was clear about wanting to work with Mohamed Ramadan. In Egypt, Ramadan has been a film and music star for many years – his popularity, good looks, and massive social media numbers will help propel him, and his African fanbase, to worldwide stardom!”

Jonathan Jules has spent many years working in South Africa at the forefront of developing local talent. He is based in Berlin, overseeing the international development of African Artists and frontline global marketing. Jules travels the African continent regularly with a view to build the bridges that connect African music with the world stage.


More on Super Sako

Super Sako is an Armenian-American rapper, DJ, and producer based in LA. He first gained international attention, with his single ‘Mi Gna’ (meaning ‘Don’t Go’) from his album ‘Love Crimes’; originally uploaded to YouTube without a music video, the song (featuring Maitre Gims) became an instant hit not only in Armenia, Turkey, North Africa, and the Gulf, but also in several European countries and has been viewed over 300 million times.

Tik Tok is the first single off Super Sako’s upcoming new album “Beautiful Mess”.

Stay up to date on social media: @super_sako 

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