Stanley Sibande releases new single ‘Falling Off The Edge’



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Stanley Sibande Is a South African based, Zambian born, solo, Acoustic Singer Songwriter. He began his journey as a musician in his formative years singing along to popular music with his siblings in the living room of his childhood home as a pass-time. Joining his first band while taking a gap year in 2013, He picked up guitar and soon after that, started writing his own compositions which are heavily influenced by the likes of Hozier, SYML, Bastille, Linkin Park and Cinematic Orchestra.

 His composition style is an amalgamation of the melancholic soundscapes of indie and rock coupled with the simplistic, yet catchy melodic compositions of modern alternative pop, serving as a backdrop for a narrative lyricism style that usually touches on the darker elements of the human condition and his journey through that landscape. His performance style is a homage to the early 2000’s post grunge/Hard rock scene that combines loud, raspy and melodic vocals with a big rhythm driven Acoustic guitar sound.

 The release of his new single Falling Off The Edge, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Shaban at Sit the Folk Down studio.

 Falling Off the Edge is a song that touches on how the vice of depression becomes an endless cycle of toxicity that affects the character because of how it has been dealt with. It talks about how the decision of dealing with depression ultimately falls upon the person themselves and how ignoring it or jumping from relationship to relationship in the hope that it just goes away, or that someone else fixes it, slowly destroys that person and their relationships, until they make the decision to fix themselves and break the cycle.


Falling Off the Edge is now available on all digital platforms: HERE



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