Nomadic Orchestra release new single ‘Hitman’ and a live music video


Nomadic Orchestra is a five-piece instrumental brass dance band, based in Cape Town. The primary goal of the Nomadic Orchestra is to get people moving. The band plays an infectious kind of high-energy dance music guaranteed to get feet tapping and limbs flailing. The Nomads, as they’re affectionately referred to, are strongly influenced by traditional music from the countries of South-Eastern Europe: Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. They are also influenced by Klezmer, gypsy and circus music as well as contemporary western party music. Their musical training brings a strong jazz aesthetic to the band, and thus an emphasis on improvisation.

Today sees the release of their new single Hitman, which was recorded at Cape Audio College.

The track was mixed by Jethro Harris and mastered by Vicente Espi.

Download/Stream Hitman HERE

Check out the video HERE

Blurb about the track

“I wrote the music for “Hitman” before I even joined Nomadic Orchestra officially. I had played a couple of gigs with the band and I began writing some music that was inspired by various forms of brass focused music that is centred around dance and groove. This song was one that kept coming back during writing sessions with the band and finally we decided to finish it and play it 5 years later.

Hitman, as I see it, is a clash between hip-hop, trap, balkan and ska music styles. It starts in the world of a slow half-time trap/hip-hop groove that is populated by a fast, angular horn melody and a verse written by Gawie capturing the theme of the song. It then transitions into the world of ska, oompah and frantic energy with the skanky guitar chups and syncopated horn melody that floats on top.

“Hitman” is an ode to the street buskers, the underground artists and the musicians on the hustle in this industry and it is an overture that tries to capture the groove and energy that Nomadic Orchestra represents.” – Jono Prest

“Put in ten thousand hours, gonna get what he deserves”

“Hitman tells the story of every musician’s daily struggle to make money from their craft. We put all our energy into the notes we play, the words we write and still the world of commerce spits most of us out. We really do love what we do and will keep hunting for that perfect hit song that might propel us even further into our musical dreams.” Gabriel Du Toit aka ‘Gawie’








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