Celebrate YOUR Heritage


During September RADA is celebrating the wonderful and diverse cultures and traditions of South Africa. Our nation belongs to all people, regardless of gender, age, race, tradition or religion.  Heritage month stirs up a sense of unity in a society that sometimes feels divided.  We are reminded that we are all part of this rainbow nation and we have the freedom to celebrate our differences.

The best way to preserve our heritage is to keep it alive by spending time with members of our community. In such a dynamic world, cultures are always adapting, it’s up to us as individuals to choose what we are proud of and hold on to that.

Culture gives us a sense of unity and belonging, of personal identity and a shared bond.  It is an important part of who we are as individuals and as South Africans.

RADAs aim is to shift perspective from the negative to the positive, creating a positive web of influence among the masses. We challenge you to be a catalyst, cultivate and share the message of tolerance and respect for others and ignite that true spirit of Ubuntu.

Here is a video RADA put together, a collaboration comprising of Lloyd Cele, Lelo Ramasimong, The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company and The East Rand Youth Choir.


Be the Way. Be the Change. One Day at a Time.

How can you help?

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Donations – monetary and/or food and resources

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