Avi Mack drops his feel-good pop song for Spring 2020 with the brand new single ‘Like I Used To’

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Avi Mack brings an upbeat soundtrack to Spring as he releases his brand new single ‘Like I Used To’ – out across all digital platforms today.

Listen to ‘Like I Used To’ here

Texas born, Canadian raised and a South African local, Avi Mack once again teams up with Easy Freak duo Dom and Jude to produce his brand new track ‘Like I Used To’.

“I was lucky enough to be able produce and record with Easy Freak again. We’ve developed a really incredible working relationship, and it’s always an amazing experience. Dom and Jude are so talented, and as recording experiences go, it’s the best one I’ve ever had,” comments Avi on what’s easily his best record to date.

Recalling the recording of the single and working with Easy Freak on ‘Like I Used To’, Avi says “We tracked the bulk of it at their [Easy Freak] home studio, and then I did a lot on my own at my studio. I feel like production wise, we all added to what’s going on, and it always seems to be an ever-evolving piece. Having Dom and Jude’s input is great. They know when to offer different points and I trust Dom and Jude when it comes to ideas, and thoughts. We are all trying to create something special, and add things that serve the song.”

‘Like I Used To’ with its feel-good pop sound and lyrical content that seems to represent a man falling out of love, is actually a political song that masquerades as a love song.

Avi Mack looks back at growing up in Texas (USA) and now living in SA, and how over the years he has seen his political views changing – especially with being an adult and shaking off the views of a child.

Delving deeper into his inspiration for the song, Avi explains “I think, in a lot of ways, we are in all this strange relationship with politics because it completely affects our lives and societies so much. It’s about my despondency with the current political system, a lament on how I used to view the democratic system. Being born in Texas, I always felt really proud of that heritage and connected to ‘ideals’ that come from being an American citizen. The more I’ve grown, and especially since 2016, I’ve felt more and more lost with how I feel about it. And it’s not just about USA politics, it’s also very relevant here in South Africa. It’s about feeling disconnected from the ideals that are being offered to you. Not being able to recognise what you thought you knew for so long. And to be clear, it’s not partisan at all. I’m very much a liberal but even then, I feel at odds with the system in general. I feel like my vote is always for the person I dislike the least, instead of it being about someone I believe in and feel like they represent me. I used to feel like there was. Now I would say at this point in time, no political party or figure represents me.”
As deep as the lyrical inspiration of the song is for Avi Mack, anyone who hears the single will find their own connection to what they’ve disconnected from.

‘Like I Used To’ will wear out the repeat button on your playlist, cause it’s going to be on loop for many who will fall in love with this track – it’s just that good.

‘Avi Mack – Like I Used To’ is out now across all digital platforms: HERE

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