Watch SonOfOld’s dark and eerie music video for “Much Better”

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SonOfOld unveils the music video for his latest single “Much Better”. The single is out now across all digital platforms and available as an instant download on the pre-save of SonOfOld’s forthcoming album due for release on 23 October – HERE

Watch the music video for “Much Better” here: HERE

“Much Better” as with the previous single “Saturday Night” is another creative collab between SonOfOld’s Nic Olsen and his previous studio partner and musician/producer Daniel Baskin. From a production perspective the track references Dead Prez’s iconic track “Hip-Hop” by way of the down tempo beat and hypnotic droning bass in the verse. The chorus features a New Orleans style brass section mirroring Daniel’s dramatic bass riff, an idea of producer Tom Hughes… we think makes this one sound extra special. Lyrically Nic turns to themes of power, manipulation and shame… “I could be much better”… relevant? Hell yes.

The music video for “Much Better” is dark and eerie, which works perfectly with the feel and theme of the song. What the video is about, is left to the viewer to interpret. The idea was to reflect the feeling of the song and the lyrics. The video was put together by Nic and a school friend now living in the Mother City, Gareth Woods who along with his girlfriend Andrea Goodman created a rather intriguing and disturbing narrative.

Nic explains further: “We just used whatever we had at our disposal to create the video: cell phones and basic editing software. The goal was to make sure the footage complimented the music and we are all really happy with the end result.”

SonOfOld is the solo project of South African singer songwriter, Nic Olsen. Olsen is best known as one of the front men of early 2000‘s band Perez and songwriter for The Parlotones.

SonOfOld started developing as a solo project between the first and second Perez albums.

“I decided to start a solo project so that I could have a creative project that did not rely on anyone but myself. Bands are wonderful but it isn’t easy having to rely on others … people’s lives have to share a common purpose and I guess the older one gets the more of an issue this becomes,” explains Olsen.

Around 2008 Olsen released two albums with German indie label, Little Teddy Recordings: ‘Change is how you feel’ (the song of the same title on the album was re-recorded by The Parlotones as ‘Sympathy for the cost’) and ‘3%Baby’. Both albums were well received by Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany (Olsen‘s country of residence at the time) and MusikExpress – the two major music publications in the country. The Third SonOfOld album ‘The Wolf Album’ was released after Olsen‘s time in The Parlotones . On this record he was joined by well-known German drummer Florian Schanze and for a short while SonOfOld became a two piece rock band. ‘The Wolf Album’ was recorded in Chicago with legendary engineer Steve Albini (The Pixies, Nirvana, Lou Reed and many more) and although it enjoyed critical acclaim, SonOfOld went into remission when Olsen relocated from Germany back to South Africa in 2011.

Olsen continued to contribute to The Parlotones and Kahn Morbee‘s solo material and apart from a brief reunion of Perez at Splashy Fen in 2018, there was not much performing going on at all.

Things started to change in 2019 when Olsen met producer and well-known South African drummer, Tom Hughes (Fuzigish, Vulvodynia). He decided to record a fourth album which is now available on pre-save HERE. The album was recorded over a two week period in Olsen‘s house and will be released on the 23rd of October 2020.


“SonOfOld – Much Better” is out now across all digital platforms HERE

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