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It’s been just over 5 months since his previous release but Miguel Pregueiro is back with a hot new single titled, “Solo”. A passionate exploration of loneliness, “Solo” paints the picture of having to deal with the reality of being left alone due to the consequences of one’s own actions. This is the first collaboration with an international producer that Miguel found through YouTube. The production is rich in Latin beats paired with an emotional vocal delivery of the Spanglish lyrics. When asked about where the inspiration of the song came from, Miguel explains that he writes music that others can relate to. “Everyone goes through losing someone and often it happens cause of our own mistakes. Solo is about the consequences of hurting someone you love and ending up alone because of it,”

The music video for “Solo” had a more creative approach to it than his previous projects. “We wanted to experiment with it. I worked hand-in-hand with a good friend of mine and we really wanted to try something creatively that I had never done before in any of my previous music videos,”. The music video follows the story of Miguel’s character going through the phases of regret. “Solo is essentially about being alone. I’m alone now because of my own mistakes and how you have to deal with the pain that comes along with that,”.

Watch the music video for “Solo” Here 

The national lockdown of South Africa due to the coronavirus has put many in the entertainment industry out of work and Miguel was no different. “Lockdown hit and we were all forced to stay home. There was nothing else I could do but use this time to really focus on my music and content creation as well as the growing of my social media pages,”. Miguel has become one of the fastest-growing TikTok stars in South Africa gaining over 100k followers and recently sealing it with a verification tick on the platform. “I love to entertain people. It doesn’t matter in what form which is why I have enjoyed putting out original content on platforms such as TikTok. It has made such a positive impact across all my platforms and the support I have received has been amazing,”.

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