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Raising Funds for Artists and The industry Supply Chain Affected By COVID – 19
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Now in its 9th year, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) has reacted to the shifting global climate by releasing a curated multimedia package entitled Friends & Frequencies for the 2020 installment of the festival. 

Friends & Frequencies is a comprehensive package that includes a compilation of 137 tracks curated in line with the festivals multiple stages, a pack of digital artworks adapted for your screen, an insiders guide to Cape Town’s most beloved institutions, all celebrated by 15 live performance videos shot at the iconic Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. The compilation viewed more as a multi-disc album and boxset, masterfully meanders it’s way sonically through the iconic stages of the festival which have come to be know over the years as the Audiotorium, Terrace, and Club.

The Audiotorium, quite diverse in its nature kicks off the compilation with some amazing downtempo and dub cuts from local legends Nyambz, Dank, and Crosby Bolani, complimented by previous guests Peanut Butter Wolf and Four Tet, slowely building through to some alternate pop via rising local stars Tatum and Cara Few, through to Deep House, Kwaito and Broken Beats from the likes of HVOB, Maramza, Kid Fonque, Little Dragon, Coldcut, Jazzanova and Gina Jeanz. From there it steps up into some beautiful Drum n Bass and Future Beats from Kid Drama, FinnaDrift and Sol Pillars before ultimately coming back through the tempo range with the sublime voices of  PHFAT, Tyler Page, James Deacon and Echo Beach.

The Terrace has always been outdoors and a firm favorite in the beautiful Cape Town Summer months. A proper outdoor festival-style dancefloor with only smiles and good vibes and the tracklist has been curated with that in mind. Kicking off with something fairly different than you would expect from South African house favorite Jazzuelle through some exclusive gems from the likes of TheologyHD and Thibo Tazz’s collaboration as well as some amazing music from Durban via Em EX, Vicmari and King Bruce and Culoe De Song.

The Terrace also boast some amazing heavy weights with lovely tracks from local hero’s Black Coffee, Culeo De Song, Shimza and Lazarusman as well as some very dear international friends Charles Webster, Till Von Sein, Rodriquez Jnr, Butane, Hyenah and of course the classic Henrick Schwarz, Ame, Dixon and Derrick L Carter collaboration which lyrically really resonated with the ideals behind the compilation. The Club as you would expect, pays homage to our club floor. An edgier, club-syle dancefloor, stripped down and with all the escapist trapping of global clubbing nightlife culture.

Sonically, the tracklist is equal parts bass anchored and driving force, with Electro and Techno  tunes from local favorites Rose Bonica, Xee & CodeKid, Leeu & Avi Subban, Bruce Loko, Deano, and Dogstarr through to some amazing international works from Ectomorph, Henrick Schwarz, The Hacker, Aux 88, Maelstrom, Slam, JP Enfant, Sinfo and  Mateo.  From there is steps through the beautiful progressive sounds of Eugene Becker, Mindo, Ryan Murgatroyd, Daru, Sides and Ryan Sullivan before finally stepping up into some cutting edge Drum n Bass courtesy of Mountain, Counterstrike and TehSynes.

Alongside the music, the visual identity of the festival is an essential forerunner in our communications and ethos, and this is something the organization has always valued equally. The compilation includes mobile and desktop versions of curated artwork by world-renowned designers like Black Koki, Drexciya mastermind Abdul Qadim Haqq, embroidery specialist Fiance Knowles and graffiti legend Falko One.

CTEMF is also inextricably linked to the City of Cape Town, and because of this felt it imperative to pay homage to the hidden gems our city has to offer, including a curated handbook of bars, restaurants, wine farms, and records stores. This was done in collaboration with The Inside Guide.

All together, the compilation sews the story of our festival, the global network of artists who have supported and participated, the people who have fallen in love with CTEMF, and the life-affirming mission that electronic music culture has granted us over decades of involvement.




Gina Jeanz features on the Audiotorium disc
Image: Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool



  1. DJ Food – Colours Beyond Colours
  2. Nyambz – Back In The Day (Ricci Mix)
  3. Peanut Butter Wolf – Chain Gang
  4. Four Tet – Two Thousand And Seventeen
  5. Asvnte – Mula ft JXY
  6. Dank – Worms
  7. Crosby Bolani – Perilous Times
  8. Floyd Lavine – Binded
  9. Messive Muzik – Faqadat Fi Alsawt (Atmos Gruv Mix)
  10. Vox Portent – Cult Fanatics
  11. Elle E – Tiny House (Soft-Touch Retouch)
  12. Bryson – Dawn Treader
  13. Hesselberg – Chopping Down Mountains
  14. Tatum – My Hands
  15. Cara Frew – Waiting For Love
  16. HVOB – Ghost
  17. Digital Sangoma – Nyamezela
  18. Dumama + Kechou – Intaka
  19. Kid Fonque – Infinity Feat. Daev Martian & Ziyon
  20. Maramza – Drinks On Me Feat. Robin ThirdFloor
  21. Little Dragon – Rush
  22. Jazzanova – In The Morning Feat. Zakes Bantwini
  23. Gina Jeanz Feat. Mumbi Kasumba – Tropic City (Simbad Suite)
  24. Keleketla! & Coldcut – International Love Affair
  25. Rt Rev Dr Moody and the Moodys Blue Note Orchestra – Higher State Of Jazz
  26. Richard the Third – This Ol Heart
  27. Markus Wormstorm – Upturned
  28. Frivolous – Von Ether – The Gifts From The Gods
  29. Mr Mo feat G Steel – The Comeback
  30. Sibot – Barkley
  31. Kid Drama – The Mechanism
  32. FinnaDrift – Baby Steps
  33. Lazershark – 4 Months And A Day
  34. Sol Pillars – Deeper Love
  35. Mix n Blend – The Knife Feat. EJ von Lyrik & Miki San Tzu
  36. Caramel Feat. DJ Ready D – Worldwide Party
  37. Eavesdrop – Hidden Dragon
  38. DJ Krush – Sbayi One Feat. Crosby Bolani
  39. Kumodi – Grief groove
  40. Herd – Brain Damage
  41. Luke Taylor – Witch Bend
  42. PHFAT – Catherine
  43. Her H – Enough
  44. Tyler Page – Don’t Believe The Aliens
  45. Mr Sakitumi – No More Sorrow
  46. James Deacon – Gone
  47. Andy Lund – This Town Is Ours



  1. Jazzuelle Feat. Kirsten Adams – Stay
  2. TheologyHD & Thibo Tazz – Lovepain ft Khess
  3. Em Ex – Destination 27
  4. Sytec Feat. Shiva – Cruising
  5. Vicmari – Find Your Way
  6. Charles Webster Feat. Thandi Draai – Fight For Freedom (Charles Webster Dub)
  7. Kat La Kat – Stacked
  8. Nedza – The Lost King
  9. 104 BPM – Crazy 8
  10. Aero Manyelo – Real Stories
  11. King Bruce – Childish
  12. Ray Bennett – Moving
  13. Till von Sein – Bimbes
  14. Deep Aztec – Rise Above
  15. Adam De Smit – Home
  16. Black Coffee – 100 Zulu Warriors
  17. Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse – Jive Soweto (Charles Webster Dub Mix)
  18. Don Laka – I Wanna Be Myself (DJ Gerd Janson Edit)
  19. Culoe De Song – City Of AquaDu
  20. Pierre Johnson, Avi Subban & The Lazarusman – Eat, Pray, Love
  21. Rodriguez Jr. – What Is Real (Floyd Lavine Remix)
  22. Henrik Schwarz / Âme / Dixon feat. Derrick L. Carter – WhereWe At (Version 1)
  23. XtetiQsoul – Resistance
  24. Echo Deep – This Is My Time
  25. Hyenah – Drums Of Usuthu
  26. Shimza – Late Night Dreaming
  27. Stera & Froote – Cour Of Law
  28. DJ OD – Voices Of Himba
  29. Ruffest – Inkinga Yi GTi
  30. Aux Feat. DJ Lag – Re-Birth
  31. Naize – Main Event
  32. Stoorne – Dankie Sox
  33. Da Soul Boyz – Generator
  34. Toolz Umazelaphi – 1 am
  35. Florian Kruse Feat. Lazarusman – The Proof Of Life
  36. Dean Fuel – All In (Dub Mix)
  37. Patrick Kunkel – Dirty
  38. Chasing Space – Factory Floors (Dub Tool)
  39. Lady M – Not My Zebra
  40. Dirty Doering – Khayelitsha
  41. MKLY Feat. Teagan Lee & Jake Hoffman – Alpha
  42. Terrasoul – Faea
  43. Luis 93 – Refractions
  44. Get Down Crew – Importance
  45. Butane & Riko Forinson – Slow Motion



  1. Nia BlaQ – We Speak
  2. Ectomorph – Genome Shift
  3. Luc Veermeer – Swilford
  4. A Million Things – The Universe Is Actually A Sound
  5. blaqkongo – Many Faces
  6. Xee & CodeKid – Troubled Times
  7. Leeu & Avi Subban – Night Terrors
  8. Bruce Loko – Modimolle
  9. Rose Bonica – Does This Mean I’m Back (Did I Ever Leave)
  10. Deano – Bring Me Back Down To Earth
  11. Austrian Apparel – Maadness
  12. Henrik Schwarz – Do You Live Under A Rock
  13. Dogstarr – Get Off Your Block
  14. Black Lake – Type 1
  15. AUX 88 – Urban Ebonics
  16. Brian E and The Egyptian Lover – This Nu Electro
  17. Ivan Turanjanin Feat. Hanél – Complex
  18. Ghetto Slunking – Final Space
  19. The Hacker – Binary Dance
  20. Maelstrom – Skies
  21. Slam – Heiwa
  22. JP Enfant – Buoyance
  23. Skale Tone – Acid Raid
  24. Sinfol – Who We Are
  25. Craig Placid – Cinforbe
  26. Sick Note – The Process
  27. Mateo! – Recognition
  28. Nick Grater – Defined Destiny
  29. Jack’s CAB Feat. Khrystyn Meth – 5th Dimension
  30. Sonic Bloom – The Day OF Black Sun
  31. Eugene Becker – Runaway
  32. Cornelius SA – Medieval
  33. Mindo – New Era
  34. Daru – Mutable
  35. Sides – Pulpo
  36. Mark Valsecchi and Ryan Murgatroyd – Rebel Kids
  37. Ryan Sullivan – The Grind
  38. Sacred Sun – Don’t Trip
  39. Remember The Morning – The Dome
  40. Kevin Ribbans – Sunrise Eternal
  41. Bad Disk – WASD
  42. Grimehouse – Beast Mode
  43. Mountain – Black
  44. Counterstrike – Sacrifices
  45. TehSynes ft Ntombethongo – Lost & Found


Friends & Frequencies is available for sale at $10 (USD) exclusively via our website & Bandcamp, with the sole objective of raising funds for the artists involved and the creative industry supply chain. The funds generated will be audited, allocated and distributed via our partners : Feed Our Crew

We felt it is imperative to come up with an initiative to support this industry that has supported us over the years.


COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the local events community, including our technical crew that often work from gig to gig.

We have come to together to provide temporary support by the way of food vouchers for eligible members of our community.

The vouchers will be used for food, electricity and other essentials. 

With the donations we receive, vouchers valued at R500 will be distributed via Feed Our Crew to the qualified recipients.

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