Gregan Aherin aka ‘Silly Expectations’ releases debut EP



Silly Expectations is the brainchild of Singer/Songwriter Gregan Aherin who began producing his solo work during the great lockdown of 2020. Having played in the South African music scene for over a decade and working as a sound engineer finally collided while in quarantine for 14 days in a 4m x 3m room in a facility in the Cape Town City Bowl. With just a laptop, a microphone and a guitar, songs that had been kicking around the ether were finally put onto tape and Silly Expectations was born.

“Silly Expectations” is a phrase that has stuck with me over the years and has come to mean different things. I originally heard the lyric in a song by Kings Of Leon called “Day Old Blues”. I’ve come to realise if I expect things to go a certain way and leave no room for the random chaos of the world then I’m bound to end up disappointed.

‘Low and behold, things are killing me,

Silly expectations of a dream

Girls are going to love the way I toss my hair

Boys are going to hate the way I seem.’”

Today sees the release of his self-titled, debut EP, ‘Silly Expectations’, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gregan himself.

The self-titled debut EP of Silly Expectations was born inside a quarantine facility in the heart of Cape Town. While trying to keep from going insane, the tracks “I Don’t Know” and “Fly or Fight” were recorded and produced in a 4m x 3m hotel room with particularly good acoustics. When finally returning to the real world Silly Expectations had gained enough momentum to add four more tracks to the EP. Drawing inspiration from varying artists including; Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Deer Tick, Willy Mason, Band Of Horses, Sufjan Stevens and The Tallest Man On Earth, to name a few.  The EP deals with love, loss, addiction and nostalgia, all with simplicity and an acoustic guitar at its core.




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