Deny it before you try it – it’s all about choice



Drugs and alcohol are ever present and affect communities throughout the world. You may be a casualty of the battle we call addiction, or you may know someone who is. The fact is that it’s common and impacts many lives, in some cases in very tragic ways. Basically, it all comes down to life choices and making the right ones at the right time.

RADA, started largely with the aim to combat problems of addiction and abuse that so often lead to more detrimental societal issues such as crime, rape, gender violence, is pouring resources into addressing these issues and creating continuous awareness.

Patients have been successfully treated through The Transformation and Development Centre (TDC) RADAs sister company. An in-patient rehabilitation facility which can accommodate up to forty-three patients at a time has now been built and will be in operation soon.

RADAs focus for the month of October is on breaking cycles of addiction. Every individual has the power to take control, that’s the first step to healing and living a more positive and fulfilled life.  The NGOs aim is to empower people to make informed decisions, to educate the youth of South Africa and to assist in giving people the tools to be their best self.

It’s important to keep yourself and others motivated in a positive way and be reminded of the bigger picture in your life journey. Sometimes you just need to reach beyond yourself to find fulfilment and happiness. Change isn’t always an instant or easy thing, what is important is making the decision to change. That’s where it all begins, and it begins with you.

Be the Way. Be the Change. One Day at a Time.

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