James Deacon drops 2 new music videos for ‘Renegade’ & ‘HERO aka Rich’ with a big middle finger to bullies


 PICTURED: Still from “Renegade” Music Video


The videos for “Renegade” and “HERO aka Rich” are visual representations of an angry, loud “f*%k you” to the haters and bullies who make you feel like you don’t fit in
Following the recent release of his EP Renegade – which has seen major support across South Africa’s main radio stations; 5FM, 947, KFM and Algoa FM plus A&R Worldwide’s Passport Approved playlisting and Amazing Radio play in the UK, as well as support from streaming services across the board – South African genre-busting artist and South African Music Awards nominee James Deacon reveals the official music videos on September 22nd for his alternative-blues rap-rock masterpiece “Renegade” and soul-infused hip-hop influenced “HERO aka Rich”.
Watch The Music Video For “Renegade” HERE

The videos see James once again joining forces with creative visionary and video director, Eric T Graham. Speaking of the video for ‘Renegade’, Eric says “While waiting for a soundcheck (on the set of a livestream performance), James and I got bored. I was like: ‘Hey man, do you wanna shoot a music video in the building next door’. To which James trustfully and enthusiastically responded: ‘Yeah man, what do you have in mind?’. I was kind of surprised by how ready he was to shoot a music video, while I was actually just making a joke. Inspired by his optimism and willingness, we set out to the next building. I gave James an idea of where I wanted him to start his performance for the one-take music video and where I wanted him to end it. For the rest of the video he took full control of the environment and just made the space his own. We did one test run, followed by one take. That’s it. ‘That’s Renegade’.”

Speaking about the making of the video, James explains “Whilst on a shoot for a completely different project, Eric T Graham had the idea to try and capture a one take performance video of ‘Renegade’. We decided to make it happen and found a space that had some character, and in 3 minutes we had finished the entire video! Spontaneity was the key to this video!”

When asked about the track’s narrative and lyrical content, James confesses: “This is the title track of the EP, and it’s a loud, angry ‘F*%k you’ to all the haters. I never felt like I fit in at school, I never fit in working as a chef or a bartender and I never fit in selling insurance. This song is for the people who don’t fit in, because there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘Renegade’. This song expresses who I want to be. I wish I was a renegade or a war machine. I wish I was invincible and strong like that, but I’m not. This song is for all the people who feel like they don’t fit in.”
The other video James Deacon is releasing is for “HERO aka Rich” which is set in the alien-like landscapes of an unused mine dump in the outskirts of the city.

James explains: “Shooting the video for ‘HERO aka Rich’ was amazing! We drove out to an epic location in Johannesburg and filmed the entire video in 45 minutes! When working with the incredible Eric T Graham it always ends up being almost more of a party and less work, because we are all so passionate about the music and the art that we make together!”

Watch The Music Video For “HERO aka Rich” HERE

Eric T Graham adds “After the spontaneous success of Renegade’s one-take approach, James and I started planning how we could implement more of these one-take music videos as a way of returning the spotlight to pre-released tracks. While scrolling through Facebook one afternoon, I spotted photos of an elopement shoot at a location which seemed out of this world.
A couple of posts later, I spotted a fellow high-schooler who recently opened up a dance studio (Dilano Etsebeth). I immediately contacted James, asking if he’d be keen to tackle another one-take, with a bit more planning and choreography behind it. Needless to say, he was keen.
We basically arrived at a location that none of us had ever been to before, found a spot and started filming. About an hour or two later, we were done. Working with James & The 97’s is always a blast, we’re basically just a couple of friends messing about. ‘HERO aka Rich’ is one of my favourite tracks from the Renegade EP and I’m stoked that we could finally bring it to life.

“This song is a very important one for me. I wrote this song about my relationship with my brother that went from an inseparable bond and a decade worth of good times and life shaping events to an abrupt end in a fiery mess of emotions.” James confesses when asked about the meaning behind “HERO aka Rich”.

After his single ‘Son Of Apollo’ was selected to soundtrack HBO’s 8-week movie promo campaign in America, follow up singles “HERO aka Rich” and “Reason” both achieved stints at #1 on 5FM’s Indie Chart, and Deacon’s work has received online tastemaker support from Record Of The Day, Complex, Earmilk, Indie Shuffle and CLASH, to name but a few – this 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist is quickly becoming some of the hottest property in alternative music.

James Deacon’s highly anticipated debut album is out later this year.

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