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Do you miss comedy in front of a live audience?

While the world waits for live events to fully return, The Brothers Streep’s new

6-week podcast series will scratch that itch as they launch AGONY UNCLES today, Friday 9 October, on their website and across various digital platforms.

Agony Uncles is a comedy panel game show – think Q.I. or Mock the Week, but it’s local – where top comedians and actors join Cape Town’s The Brothers Streepalong with host Andrew Kerr to discuss life’s quibbles and how to solve them.
Agony Uncles was recorded in front of a live audience (pre-lockdown), with the Brothers being joined in this first season by special guests Alan CommittieAngel CampeyAnne HirschMel JonesStuart Taylor and Yaaseen Barnes ensuring each episode is jam-packed with their additional hilarious spin on these all-important life questions.

Launched on Friday 9 October, a new episode will be released each Friday for 6 consecutive weeks, available on their The Brothers Streep website and various popular podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


Episode One is now available online for free streaming.

Here’s a link for you to enjoy:  HERE  


In order to be notified when each episode is released, subscribe to the podcast on your favourite digital platform.

Visit HERE for more information.

Says The Brothers Streep; “Our guests for Season One are amazing. We asked fellow Cape Town comedians who we thought would bring something special to the table – unique perspectives that would be different from our own. We’d worked with some of these comedians before, and some were joining us on stage for the first time, but they all instantly understood what we were trying to do and got behind it. We can’t thank them enough for joining our passion project – they were all incredibly gracious, humble, and perhaps most importantly, funny!”


Even though The Brothers Streep are best known as a musical comedy act, they’ve been recording podcasts for years and have always dreamed of creating a panel show like the ones they enjoy on TV and radio.

Agony Uncles is a passion project of theirs and the start of a new season for the guys, where they hope to do more of this sort of thing in front of live audiences across the country once normality – or the closest to it – returns.

The Brothers Streep are an acoustic comedy act from Cape Town formed by Dylan Hichens and Simon van Wyk.

Currently celebrating over 10 years on the scene, they have made their mark locally through playing various comedy clubs, music festivals and the corporates. They’ve played The Edinburgh FringeThe National Arts Festival Fringe, and have been on SA Idols and Hectic Nine-9.


It was their quirky Anna Paquin’s Face Scrunching Song that captured Graham Norton’s attention in England and catapulted them into notoriety as he asked them to appear – from Cape Town – on his BBC TV show.

Enjoy the Graham Norton show insert HERE


Andrew Kerr joins the duo on the podcast as the host of Agony Uncles.

For the last few years, Kerr has been the producer of The Brothers Streep Show, another podcast which started as a show on 2oceansvibe Radio. Kerr’s credits include Theatresports, being a fleeting extra on The IT Crowd finale, and embarrassing our country on Robot Wars (UK) with Yebo Robo – a robot which broke the moment it entered the arena.

Here’s a brief synopsis for the first three episodes of the podcast series.

Friday 9 October (out now)

Episode One:  Cowboy Hat featuring Anne Hirsch and Mel Jones

Our resident Agony Uncles are joined by special guests Anne Hirsch and Mel Jones to help a grad student ace their job interview and find the best way for a nervous lover to introduce his tattooed girlfriend to his parents.

They also navigate the perils of oversized smart phones and watching TV over the sound of crunchy snacks, and provide innovative solutions for getting rid of shoe odours, and stopping pets from destroying your pot plants.



Friday 16 October

Episode Two: Velcro Pajamas featuring Angel Campey and Stuart Taylor

The Brothers Streep are joined by special guests Angel Campey and Stuart Taylor to coach an intimidated coffee drinker through their order, and help a hungry office worker steal their colleagues lunches.

They also grieve over the loss of adverts in TV shows and overzealous fitness trainers, and provide inventive solutions for curing migraines, and running faster.


Friday 23 October
Episode Three: Emergency Baby 
featuring Alan Committie & Yaaseen Barnes

Dylan and Simon are joined by special guests Alan Committie and Yaaseen Barnes to comfort a jealous cat owner, and cure a compulsive book buyer. They also recount some tough times at McDonald’s and airport lounges, and provide creative solutions to getting rid of smoke in a room, and overcoming urinating in public.   ”


Episodes Four – Six: Information will be released at a later stage.


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