Bom Lulu Album Review:

Uuteen Satamaan

Band Name: Bom Lulu

Album Title: Uuteen Satamaan

Country of band: Finland Oulu

Genre: Rock Alternative Grunge


Music is a Universal Language

As well as being the Editor in Chief of Fanbase Music Magazine, I am also a radio DJ on SME Fusion Radio, and it is on this platform that I first heard of Bom Lulu, Bom Lulu are a cool rock alternative grunge band from Finland, fronted by Jukka Ruottinen and I am very happy to say I have become good friends with Jukka over the past few years. Before I get into the band Bom Lulu I would also like to mention other bands and projects Jukka is involved in that is worth checking out: The Psycho Season, Deadglow as well as his solo stuff. He lives and breathes music and is always keeping himself busy with his various bands and projects

But the Band I am going to be talking about today is Bom Lulu. Made up of Mikko Pakanen – guitar, keyboards, Janne Riikola – drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards and Jukka Ruottinen – vocals, backing vocals.

First thing I want to say is that they don’t sing in English, they sing in Finnish, the language of Finland, Now I know you asking how can I connect with their music if I don’t know what they singing about, but there is just something about their music that I connect with and love. Weather it be the great music played by great musicians or the vocals and the way Jukka sings the songs, I just connect with it. It is in this way of thinking that makes me realise that music is a universal language and there are lots of different things you can get from music. If you look at a band such as Rammstein, a very successful German band who does well all around the world, they are just another example that music is a universal language and when there song Du Hast is played, everyone who hears it has to just sing along to it. Even people outside Germany who doesn’t know what is being sung. I do however encourage the listeners to do your research when it comes to music and lyrics like this, just for your own sanity so you can get a better feel for what each song is about

Bom Lulu have just come out with a new album called “Uuteen Satamaan’. It is a perfect rock grunge album with all that you want in an album, Great vocals, excellent guitar work and what every band needs, a great rhythm section with drum and bass with even some cool keyboards thrown in

Consisting of 7 tracks, the album is awesome from start to finish. Although all songs are great, my favourite track off the album is called Todista, and is one of the first songs off the album I played on my radio show and it also did well among the listeners. When I asked  Jukka the meaning of the song Translated: “Prove it, it is about the feeling that you have to prove that you’re worth something to yourself and for others time after time.”  There is a part of the song after the lead solo in where vocalist Jukka rolls his letter “R” and that part always gets me singing with it.

Track 2 of the album is also the title of the album which is called Uuteen Satamaan’. What I like about this track is the drumming of the song, the songs start off with some fast drumming which is evident in the whole track, strong and powerful. This song also has a cool music video on Youtube which I think is worth checking out.

Another favorite track off the album is track 3 called “Kaikki Ovet”. It starts off with clear guitar which kind of reminded me of early Creed work, then the peddles and overdrive get turned on and totally takes the song on a different path. Look out for the lead solo of this song, it is bone crushing in a good way.

I could go through each song and tell you how good they are but I think it is safe to say the whole album is awesome and worth checking out if you enjoy your rock, hard rock or grunge, I feel any music lover is going to find something they like in this album.


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BAND: Bom Lulu

Mikko Pakanen – guitar, keyboards

Janne Riikola – drums, bass, lead guitar, keyboards

Jukka Ruottinen – vocals, backing vocals

Guest band members:

Tuomas Laurila (Lead guitar on Kaikki ovet and Ei turvapaikkaa

Composed and arranged by:

Mikko Pakanen, Janne Riikola, Jukka Ruottinen


Jukka Ruottinen

Produced, mixed and mastered by

Janne Riikola, Dollarsound studios

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Jukka Ruottinen Music

The Psycho Season









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