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Die Heuwels Fantasties just dropped their new album “Herverbeel”,  a great musical ride that includes acoustic renditions and exciting collaborations in the re-imagining of some of their most popular songs. For fans who are keen to hear a brand- new song, there is the smashing opening track, “Hardloop Weg.”

We caught up with Pierre Greeff enjoy the interview:

Tell us about the process to re-invent the particular tracks on the new album HERVERBEEL? Were the collaborators also involved in the arrangements for new versions?

Absolutely, Loki Rothman was very instrumental and all the collab songs were chosen by the particular collaborator….was super fun and interactive to get them involved and breath new life into the tunes.

Why add one new single to a themed album?

We had one brewing and thought it fit so perfectly with the others…in some way they actually all fee brand new.

The new single is titled HARDLOOP WEG. How did the concept of the video for the track originate?

It was all dreamt up by Hugo Brand the director and he executed the narrative perfectly.

2020 was a tough year for live shows. How many live performances did you lose this year, rough estimate?

60 shows as a low estimate.

Your livestream show to introduce the album ‘2021’ in May was next level. What were the challenges of putting a show of that standard together during a hard lockdown month?

Immense to say the least and super stressful as it was new territory….but the zoom crowd on the screens made it feel so similar to what we are actually use to with energy in the room! what a blessing

There were 3 new Heuwels releases in 2020. How are album sales/streams going in general? Is there  significant change since 2019, or is it on par, considering the economic impact of the Covid restrictions.

Streaming is doing very well across the board and we are super thankful to our fans for spinning us so regularly! Almost 15m streams across the board and counting for the year.

Some fun questions, if you could pick only one song on the new album to introduce the vibe to an international audience, which would you choose and why:

I would send Shangri-la as it was a real dream realized to collab with Tresor and to be part of a song that has English ,Swahili and Afrikaans parts feel truly special and uniquely South African and African….hope you guys feel it too.


Die Heuwels Fantasties.


The new album “Herverbeel” by Die Heuwels Fantasties, is a great musical ride that includes acoustic renditions and exciting collaborations in the re-imagining of some of their most popular songs. The idea was to rework some of their older songs, to give it a whole new vibe and feel. Classic Heuwels hits, refreshed and rebooted.

Collaborations have become characteristic of Die Heuwels and with this new release, many well-known artists including Tresor, Tarryn Lamb, Laudo Liebenberg, Ampie, Die Krefies, Loki en Margot Rothman, among others, can be heard on the new versions of the tracks.

For fans who are keen to hear a brand- new song, there is the smashing opening track, “Hardloop Weg.” Pierre Greeff says that they cannot wait for fans to hear this new single. Greeff wrote the song on his phone one morning at 03h00. He says: “It almost felt as if the song wrote itself, it came so easily to me.  Fred and I sat together and put the song together, almost as instantly as it was written I can count the times in which songs happened so effortlessly over the years on my one hand. Usually these ones are the gems. I kind of feel that this song is relevant to the times that we live in. I hope that our fans will feel it too.”

Hunter Kennedy says that to rework some of their songs was a great way to shine the spotlight on some great older tunes. “We released a new album earlier this year, titled 2021, and introduced it to the world during lockdown with a big livestream show. An album-release of this show-recording,Live in Lockdown”, followed and because we have not played many gigs during the year, we also had time to work on Herverbeel. It was a comfortable process for me because the lyrics were already written. LOL! It was bucket list stuff for me to have the opportunity to work with Tresor. Margot`s Mejuffrou Sonneblom is supercool and TeeJ did a great job as always. I also like what Ampie and Murray Lubbe did with Ons Moet Leef – actually, everyone who worked on the album, including the different producers, did excellent work.”

The single “Hardloop Weg” will be released on Friday 4 December 2020 and Herverbeel will be available on digital platforms from Friday 11 December. A Video of “Hardloop Weg” will also be introduced with the new tune. DHF was impressed with Hugo Brand`s work as DOP on the “Mejuffrou Sonneblom” video and with this new video, Brand took the seat as director. The video was shot with the band over two days, with popular actress, Rolanda Marais, as the leading lady.


Listen HERE


H E R V E R B E E L tracks:

1. Hardloop Weg
2. Shangri-la (feat. Tresor)
3. Praat Met My (feat. Die Krefies)
4. Ek Is Aan Jou Kant (feat. Loki Rothman)
5. Mejuffrou Sonneblom (feat. Margot)
6. Doodgewone Aand (feat. Chxrl)
7. Lieg Net Vir My (feat. Laudo)
8. Beloofde Land (Acoustic) [feat. Richard Onraet]
9. Sy (Acoustic) [feat. Danny Smoke]
10. Ons Moet Leef (Akoesties) [feat. Ampie]
11. Oorlewing 101 (Orchestral)
12. Buitenste Ruim (Herverbeel)
13. Verwag My Terug (feat. TJ Terblanché)
14. Leja (Acoustic)
15. Ek Mis Jou (Acoustic Live At The Baxter Theatre) [feat. Tarryn Lamb]

Bonus Tracks:

16. Nare Kaskenades (Akoesties) [Bonus]
17. In en Uit (Akoesties) [Bonus]

  1. Tyd [Bonus]


Die Heuwels Fantasties upcoming shows:


Friday 11 December: Blue Moon, Nelspruit.

Tickets at: HERE


Saturday 12 December: Boerepompie, Pretoria.

Tickets at: HERE


Sunday 13 December: Dozi`s Back to the Roots, Hartbeespoort.

Tickets at: HERE


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