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Kelvin is from the City of Bath in Somerset County, England.

He musically flew under the radar following a traditional career path of Project Manager in Construction.  While seriously focusing on this occupation until retirement, he then launched himself into an exciting new career path of music, exploring and developing his musical abilities of singing and songwriting.

It was a big challenge going into a recording studio for the first time, but having faced many other challenges before, this was energising and very different for him.

He relates that he was fortunate to find someone who was very understanding of his needs, because singing along to a tune in his head was totally different to singing to a backing track. At first he felt that he was all over the place but he got there in the end.  His daughters would tease him saying “Oh Dad” but he believes that they are happy for him now!!

He already has approximately 18 songs on Soundcloud and intends recording more, once this Pandemic is over. He has also composed a song with the lack of personal liberty very much in mind; something that we are all having to experience at the moment.

After a long time of quietly building up to realising his dream, he is certainly producing a great flow of songwriting and musical performance.  



Hi Kelvin welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, it’s great to feature you. How have you been and how has Covid/Lockdown been treating you?

We have been very restricted here Duzzy, if all’s well we will be out of lockdown on the 19th July.  We have been very fortunate in as much as our government here in England has been on the ball with the vaccine roll out. Having said that, not everybody will take the vaccine for various reasons, a lot sadly thinking all this is a conspiracy theory!  I am pleased to say I have had both vaccines as have the majority of my family and friends.

Can you tell our readers where you come from?

I am from the beautiful City of Bath in the county of Somerset in England.  Bath is a World Heritage City because of its Georgian buildings and Roman Baths.

Do you have a musical background; do you come from a musical family?

No, I do not come from a musical background or family at all.  As a family we would listen to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey etc., no more than any other family of my era.  These were my parents’ musical preferences so in a way I was brought up with these sounds.

For anyone who doesn’t know your music how would you describe your sound?

I don’t think I follow any specific genre in my music.  I have a variety of music out there and feel it is up to the individual to decide.  I would welcome any feedback on this and also on my vocals.  I sometimes feel my songs would benefit by being sung by other people, something I would perhaps welcome.


What music did you grow up on and what music do you listen to today?

I grew up on what I mentioned earlier in our interview which I still listen to.  Then of course as I got older my taste was more varied and influenced by a new era.  Rock ‘n’ Roll, my favourite, the fab four better known as The Beatles of course, The Rolling Stones, The Who and lots of other mainly British bands that were around then.  Now I also like to listen to Adele and Amy Winehouse to name but two. Sadly Amy Winehouse is no longer with us; such a waste of not only young life but also great talent.

As I have gotten to know you I am very intrigued by your story. You only started music later in life after you retired; can you explain to the readers how this happened and why did you wait so long?

I never really had any encouragement when I was younger and therefore I didn’t believe in myself or have the confidence.   I then was bringing up a family so I didn’t really have the opportunity as I couldn’t afford to take the risk financially.  On retirement and with my daughters settled, married and happy, I decided that now it was ‘my’ time and to try my hand at this singing/songwriting that I had always been so passionate about.  Here I am now, just trying, more than anything to get the recognition I feel I deserve.


While you were working in construction, did you always know you were one day going to pursue music?

It was always my dream from as far back as I can remember, long before mobile phones and all the modern technology!  I would have a cassette player on the passenger seat next to me in my van and if an idea popped into my head I would press the button and record myself as I drove along…….it was to be many years later that I actually realised my dream.

Can you explain how you put a song together from lyrics to the music?

The ideas usually come to me when I am walking.  To give you an idea, albeit a strange one, I was out one day and needed the toilet. I muttered to myself “I need a wee”.  Just from that short phrase, when I got home I produced a song and melody over the next few days!  My songs are all fictitious and arise from things that just ‘pop’ into my head.  I then sing them (the melody seems to just come) into my phone, then the rest of the lyrics and chorus over several days until I am as happy as I can be with it, perfecting it along the way.  I then go into the recording studio where Pete listens and discusses it with me.  Although I don’t know the theory or play a note of music, or have any musical education, I know exactly what instruments I need and the sound I am looking for. I think this is what makes me UNIQUE.

Your current single out is a song called ‘Beautiful Game’ Can you tell us about this track, what is it about and what inspired it?

What inspired me with BEAUTIFUL GAME is the fact that certain people/countries refer to it as Soccer!

I was determined to come up with a song that would remind everybody that this game that millions of people all over the world love, originated in England and was christened FOOTBALL.  It is known worldwide as the BEAUTIFUL GAME of FOOTBALL.

It’s no secret you are a huge sports fan; Beautiful Game has been released at a great time with the Euro 2020 taking place. Was this a calculated move to release it now?

Not really because so many people bring out football songs at this time, most of which refer to England, which of course is great.  However, I wanted something that would suit any club and any country at any time! I didn’t particularly want it out for the Euro matches but more to get it recognised throughout Europe before and during the start of all the leagues…. then …if successful get it extended to the rest of the world.

One of my other favourite tracks of yours is called ‘Don’t knock it, Rub it, You’re losing me money”.  First of all, how did that title come about and what inspired the track?

DON’T KNOCK IT, RUB IT, YOU’RE LOSING ME MONEY, is a favourite of mine too.  This came about from a phrase that was used a few years ago when I was still in the building trade.  It refers to someone who is not laying the block work correctly.  You should never use a hammer to knock the block down to the line, you should always rub it down!  The boss came along and said to a young lad who was working at the time (not me I hasten to add!), “don’t knock it, rub it, you’re losing me money”.  I heard this and straight away I thought what a great title for a song.  I took a different slant on the meaning and used it as a term for a pimp talking to his prostitute when she is not selling her wares and complaining about what she is having to do.                                                                                      DON’T KNOCK IT, RUB IT, YOU’RE LOSING ME MONEY.

How many songs have you got out?

I have 18 songs out at the moment, all varying genres.  I have written a lot more but due to the Pandemic the studio I used has closed so I am currently trying to find another… this space!!

What can we expect for your future and music career?

For the future, I am really looking forward to the time when I have found a new studio and can get back to recording.  However, paramount to this, with your help Duzzy, is getting the recognition for the songs that I already have ‘out there’ and for which I believe I am worthy of recognition, for example; BEAUTIFUL GAME; DON’T KNOCK IT, RUB IT, YOU’RE LOSING ME MONEY; AND DECEMBER BRINGS (REVERIE) CHRISTMAS TIME.  Recognition for me would be everything.

Do you have any thoughts to share with our readers?

To all the readers, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my interview with Duzzy, telling the story of my passion for music and the gifted ability to do what I do.  Please do listen to my music and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you.


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