Introducing Fanbase Worldwide Radio
Fanbase Art Work from Joe Sirborg
Fanbase Worldwide Radio Press Release
Fanbase World Radio is the sister company of Fanbase Music Magazine and Fanbase Band Management, operating under the umbrella of Jones Media Partners LLC and Fanbase Brand.
Headed by Duzzy Clayton, Duzzy has over 10 years’ experience in the music business. Starting out With Fanbase Music Magazine back in 2010, Duzzy then branched out with the Fanbase name by going into Band/PR Management, setting up gigs and organising radio airplay for various bands and musicians.
Always wanting to be involved in the music business and building the local and underground scene, Duzzy then went into radio where he served as The Lunch Time DJ for SME Fusion Radio for over 4 years. However, before he joined SME Fusion Radio, he did short radio segments on Jeff The Music Man radio show on Rock Hard Radio namely The Fanbase Report. It is here that Duzzy first discovered his love for Radio. This is where he met Jeff Jones, head of Rock Hard Radio; and 5 years later Duzzy and Jeff are teaming up again to start Duzzy’s next venture: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Fanbase Worldwide Radio!
Keeping the Fanbase Brand name we are happy to announce Fanbase Worldwide Radio. When Duzzy got into the music scene, he had one mission in mind, which stayed with him throughout the years: how can he build the music scene and give lesser known bands a platform to get their music out there and be heard? By giving small bands the opportunity to appear alongside big name bands for Fanbase Music Magazine, Duzzy plans to have that same game plan for Fanbase Worldwide Radio; playing the best on offer of new and old-style music and everything in-between; playing Rock, Grunge, Punk and Metal and all genres in-between. Anything goes at Fanbase World Wide Radio as long as one rule is always fulfilled: Fanbase remains a platform for bands to get their name out there and be heard!
Keep Building the Scene!
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