Fear Of Falling releases phenomenal full length debut album TURNING POINT

Review Done By: Duzzy Clayton

Band Photography By: Jerome van Zyl

I’m so excited to bring you the new album from South African Super Group band, Fear Of Falling. I say super group because each band member in the band also belongs to another band: for example, vocalist Jack Atlantic, who is also well known from his solo band Jack Atlantic, teams up with bassist Brendon McCraig from You, Me and Harmony and they are joined by Dale Schnettler, who is known as the drummer for Prime Circle. Also in the band is guitarist Lloyd Timke who, while not coming from a major known band, is however a great fit in this awesome line up. Taking nothing away from the band members’ past achievements with their various original bands and projects, sometimes the universe and the stars just align for certain people to meet, start up a band and create something beautiful; and that is what I believe happened with Fear of Falling.

Fear of Falling is a Hard Rock/Alternative band from Johannesburg in South Africa and has already captured the airwaves and is taking the world by storm with their previous EP which was released in May this year. The band is back with their debut full-length album called Turning Point, already out by the time of printing of this article.

The album consists of 10 great hard-rocking, in-your-face tracks, which will make you want to turn up the volume and sing along to the great vocals. What I like about this band and this album, is that their sound is heavy enough to scare your grandparents, yet radio-friendly enough to get airplay on your favourite biggest commercial radio station. Along with catchy lyrics the whole album is just great.

Without choosing favourites off the album, the whole album is truly awesome, songs that do stand out for me are: Faded, Falling, Won’t Let Go, Breaking me Down and Fake it.

Vocalist Jack Atlantic shares that “Some days my only escape is to go for a DRIVE. Lately, I feel my passion for life has FADED away, and that I’m slowly FALLING into a dark abyss I can’t get out of. But, still I will keep on fighting, and I WON’T LET GO in the hope that tomorrow’s SUNRISE will bring light to the dark corners of my soul. The world keeps BREAKING ME DOWN and their hearts are filled with HATE, and yet, I FAKE IT and put a smile upon my face. Is this how I will feel until the END OF DAYS? For now, I will keep on pushing through, until I finally meet my maker and go HOME.” (By the way if you wondering why some of those words are in bold then take a look at song titles of each song at the end of this review and you will see the clever play on words)

Being a super-group band comprising band members from other bands and projects, as mentioned before, I can clearly hear the influences of Prime Circle, Jack Atlantic and You, Me and Harmony come through in this super-group band, but I can honestly say that this band has its own unique sound and I am particularly excited to see what the future holds for this band.

I don’t like to compare bands to other bands, but IF I was to make a comparison, I could hear similar sounds of bands such as Seether, Clutch, Korn and Naranjo; but I like I said earlier, I hate comparing and this band definitely has its own exciting sound.

Turning Point is out now and can be found on all major streaming platforms; check out the links below for easy access.

Fear Of Falling has a FREE album launch coming up on the 4th February 2022 at Molly Malones in Fourways, Johannesburg, where they will be playing songs off the new album.

Fear of Falling-Turning Point tracklisting




Won’t Let Go 


 Breaking Me Down


 Fake It 

 End Of Days 



Stream the album and find the social media links by clicking on this Linktree link 


Music Written & Arranged by Fear Of Falling

Sunrise Lyrics by Dewald Wasserfall

All Other Tracks Lyrics by Kelvin-Mark Alston / Jack Atlantic

Performed by Fear Of Falling

Produced by Dale Schnettler (Studio 37b)

Recorded by Dale Schnettler (Studio 37b)

Mixed by Dale Schnettler (Studio 37b)

Mastered by Chris Bethea

Artwork by Kelvin-Mark Alston / Jack Atlantic

Photograph by Jerome van Zyl

PR/AR by Devographic Music Agency

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