Hanru Niemand- ‘n App Vir Alles EP Review


Review Done By: Duzzy Clayton



Hanru Niemand is no stranger to Fanbase Music Magazine, as we have featured him before and we even had the opportunity to review his previous album called Opgrawings vir ʼn Lugkasteel (2020)

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I am very happy therefore to say Hanru is back with his latest offering, a 3-track EP namely, ‘n App Vir Alles, which translates to English as An App For Everything.

The EP was produced by the talented Riku Lätti under his music label, Die Wasgoedlyn Musiek. The EP includes Riku on electric guitar and accordion, Clayton Arendse on electric guitar, Jean Marais on drums, and Mark Ellis on bass guitar. Francois (HA!Man) le Roux contributed on the cello, while Christo Groenewald provided backing on the double bass. Hanru himself sings, plays the acoustic guitar and banjo on all three of the tracks.

Never one to disappoint, the first track off the EP is called Tinder My, and it is a real upbeat song with great guitar and drum sounds; a track for definitely getting you up and dancing. When I listen to the song I can picture myself attending one of Hanru Niemand’s live performances and I can just imagine how this song will sound live and get the crowd fired up.

Track 2 of the EP is called Mr Delivery and is a bit of a softer song compared to Tinder My, but the song is still upbeat and lively. I can picture myself listening to this track while driving in my car on an open highway; it is one of my favourite songs to date from Hanru Niemand.

Finally, track 3 off the EP, which is also the final song on this short EP, is called ‘Is Daar ‘n App Daarvoor?  It starts off with a great acoustic sound riff and the track itself seems to take you on a journey.


Once again, Hanru’s voice is amazing and each song is beautifully written with each track telling a story; almost linking the gap of singing and storytelling, in my opinion.

I also really love the play on words and how Hanru has incorporated technology terms in the titles and song writing of the song

The EP is short and if I could ask for one thing, I would want to listen to a few more songs because I can’t get enough of just the 3 songs. Having said that, each song is beautiful and should be on any music lover’s playlist. It will definitely leave you wanting more; if you weren’t a fan of Hanru’s music before, this might just be the EP to convert you.



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